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DPM Simović attends relaunching of production at diary “Nika“ in Nikšić: Together we contribute to creating new values and new jobs

Published date 13.09.2017 18:30 | Author PR Service

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Nikšić, Montenegro (13 September 2017) – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović paid a visit to the municipality of Nikšić, where he attended the relaunching of production at the diary “Nika“. 

DPM Simović took the opportunity to voice satisfaction over the completion of this project in Nikšić, adding that he is really satisfied when it comes to promoting projects not only in this area, but also in the entire country. Promoting the beginning of a new production in the facility such as “Nika” is indeed a pleasure and it will create new values and opportunities for new jobs, DPM Simović stressed. 

Production facilities such as Nika are facing numerous challenges, but the success is guaranteed if it remains committed to cherishing good cooperation with a network of co-operators, DPM Simović emphasised. „The formula for success is building partnerships, cherishing mutual trust and respect and also being aware of the fact that everyone should do their part of the job“, DPM Simović pointed out. 

DPM Simović explained that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will continue providing support to the diary „Nika“ throughout subsidies aimed at allowing the diary to purchase livestock mechanisation and equipment for farms and diaries. Therefore, the Ministry will create a perspective for increasing the funds in order to make the measures financially sustainable and more effective.

Creating a favourable business environment is crucial for the implementation of projects such as “Nika”, DPM Simović underlined, adding that the joint efforts are important for overcoming issues in order to launch the production on a solid basis.

The formula for success is also composed of the cooperation between the Government and the local authorities, DPM Simović highlighted, stressing that the joint commitment to creating a favourable business environment is crucial for boosting economy of Nikšić and also Montenegro.