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PM Marković meets with heads of inspection services: Encouraging results of increased tax discipline

PM Marković meets with heads of inspection services: Encouraging results of increased tax discipline
Published date 20.09.2017 18:21 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (20 September 2010) – Collection of tax revenues was above planned and increased during the summer tourist season compared to the same period last year. Department of Public Revenues, Customs Administration and the Inspection Directorate have been continuously making progress in efficiency, and the increase in excise taxes on tobacco products did not result in a decline in revenues, Prime Minister Duško Marković and heads of the administrations, Miomir M. Mugoša, Vladan Joković and Alija Košut, concluded in a regular monthly meeting held earlier today.

Detailed reports show that 85.152.077,69 million euros in taxes was collected in July, which is 4.51% more than planned and 7.48% more than in July 2016. In August, tax revenues amounted to 91.340.087,91 million, which is 1.51% above the plan and 4.25% more than in August 2016. During the summer tourist season, EUR 14 million more was collected than during the last year's season, or EUR 7 million above the plan. Data for the first eight months show an increase in the collection of tax revenues by EUR 25.4 million compared to the same period last year, or EUR 14.7 million above the plan. During the tourist season, the Customs Administration collected 25% of excise dutiesand 5% of customs revenues more than in the same period of 2016. Collective data from the Customs Administration show an increase in revenues of 16.5% for the first eight months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

Inspection Directorate sealed 88 illegal buildings and removed 84 such facilities. In the period from June 1 to August 31, misdemeanor orders were issued in the amount of EUR 2,967 million, about EUR 160,000 more than in the same period of 2016, with 18 inspectors less due to organisational changes in the inspection. Recording of work of more than 90 taxpayers showed that most of the traffic was found to be 40% above the average reported before the inspection. Controls of non-repatriation of traffic in coastal municipalities during the turbulent season resulted in 753 misdemeanor charges filed in the amount of EUR 1,763,100.00.

The Prime Minister concluded that the encouraging results show that financial discipline has increased, as recognised by Montenegro's international partners - the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

"This is why this Government has earned respect and support of our international partners. You have seen the IMF's assessment, " said Prime Minister Marković, adding that the change in the awareness of obligations towards the state is a long process and that activities with unlimited intensity should continue.

The meeting provided data on individual local governments and local businesses and institutions that irregularly settle their obligations to the budget. It was concluded that local governments differ from the general increase in financial discipline and that the responsible entities start the prescribed collection procedures.