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PM Marković attends opening of M:tel's digital factory in Podgorica

PM Marković attends opening of M:tel
Published date 20.09.2017 22:13 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (20 September 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković attended late this afternoon in Podgorica the opening of the M:tel's Digital Factory, the first ICT Hub in Montenegro.

Opening the digital factory - a unique centre for the development of technological entrepreneurship and innovation, Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić said that the new time is looking for new approaches, new technologies, new ideas and new way of thinking.

"In constant communication with the economy, I get queries: why do not we, as public administration, do more to use modern technologies? Why do not we link systems of the Department of Public Revenues, Customs Administration, inspection services to each other? Therefore, our economy is looking for the use of powerful technologies because it needs them. Imagine what tourism would have been if there had been no booking? What about buying airplane tickets without Amadeus? Innovations are no longer a matter of progress but the question of survival. The development of innovative ideas is a necessity for us and the economy as well," the Economy Minister underscored.

Minister Sekulić thanked Executive Director of M:tel Montenegro Vladimir Lučić for launching this initiative, highlighting the specialty of this project at a time of general pursuit for profit.