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Minister Pejović in Salzburg: Junker's initiative is good signal for Montenegro

Minister Pejović in Salzburg: Junker
Published date 25.09.2017 13:53 | Author PR Service

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PR ServiceSalzburg, Austria (25 September 2017) -- Minister of European Affairs Aleksandar Andrija Pejović participated in the 13th Conference of European Regions and Cities, organised by the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) in Salzburg, Austria.

Together with the Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn and ministers for European and Foreign Affairs of the Western Balkan countries, Minister Pejović took part in the panel entitled Next generation of new EU members“. Panelists exchanged their views on the progress made in the implementation of political and economic reforms and the perspective of membership, as a common goal of all countries in the region.

Speaking of the EC President Juncker's initiative for the European Commission to create the Strategy for successful accession of Montenegro and Serbia by the end of 2018, Minister Pejović pointed out that this is the first time, after a long period, that the European Commission gives a time frame within which two countries are expected to implement the necessary reforms and join the European Union. In this context, the Minister emphasised that the Juncker's initiative is a good signal for Montenegro and Serbia, but also for other countries in the region, adding that each country is progressing according to individual results.

Commissioner Johannes Hahn pointed out that the EC President Juncker's initiative further strengthens the European perspective of the region, stressing that the time frame by 2025 is a moving target and, in fact, there is no speed limit, and it may happen that some countries can access earlier and some later. He noted that the EU door is open to all Western Balkan countries, with the view that it is important to show sustainable results, especially in the area of rule of law and economic development. He empshasised that all countries in the region should become EU members, thus completing the European project by their membership.