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Press release from 43rd Cabinet session

Press release from 43rd Cabinet session
Published date 05.10.2017 18:57 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (5 October 2017) -- Given the fact that Montenegro, as a NATO member, is obliged to participate in the activities of the Alliance, as well as the importance of continuing coordination in the key obligations arising from membership, the Montenegrin Cabinet, at today’s session passed the Decision on the Establishment of the Council for NATO. The work of the Council will be managed by the Prime Minister.

In line with the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2016-2020, in terms of development and coordination of public policies, and the obligation under the Public Finance Management Programme 2016-2020, the Government passed the Decision on Establishing the Commission for the Preparation of the Medium-Term Work Programme of the Government of Montenegro. The task of the Commission is to coordinate and participate in the preparation of the Medium Term Work Programme of the Government and monitor its implementation.

At today's session, decisions were made on the preparation of state studies of locations "Part of Sector 66 - Module I" – Velika plaža and "Part of Sector 66 - Modules IV and V" – Velika plaža. The aim of the development of these study sites is to create conditions for construction through the preparation of relevant planning documents, which will integrally analyse all the elements of the purpose and organisation of space use, in order to protect and encourage further overall development of the wider area. The planned facilities will enable high quality valorisation of this part of the coast, which includes planning of the areas for tourism, sport and recreation, service activities, public facilities and urban greenery.
Information on the signing of the Declaration of Intent for the Establishment of the International Institute for Sustainable Technologies in South East Europe was adopted and the text of the Declaration accepted. The Declaration establishes cooperation between the signatories in the field of science, technology and industry, as well as the education and training of talented young people and engineers based on the transfer of knowledge and technology from European centres. The discussion underscored that regional cooperation in scientific and technological research and development, based on a large scale facility that enables excellence and internationally competitive scientific and technological activities, is an important tool for solving common challenges and an important instrument for fostering sustainable economic development and social cohesion.

Cabinet adopted the Information on the implementation and effects of policies in the field of entrepreneurship and business for the period from 1 July to 30 September 2017. The information includes an overview of measures, activities and effects towards encouraging entrepreneurship and business, with a special emphasis on financial measures aimed at creating new jobs, supporting young people, women in business, reducing regional differences, supporting priority sectors, and further developing business community. The discussion emphasised that in the third quarter a high level of realisation of previous conclusions was achieved, and that additional efforts should be made in the forthcoming period to promote active policy measures in the field and to assist entrepreneurs in translating ideas into concrete business projects.

Cabinet adopted the Information on participation of Montenegro at the Universal Exhibition EXPO 2020 in Dubai.