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                               Ask the Government

DPM Simović's response: Weekend politician, MP in absence enjoys comfort of private and privatised microphones

Published date 11.10.2017 16:33 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 October 2017) -- From the side of all citizens of Montenegro, the MP on vacation, Raško Konjević, has slipped into the comfort of private and privatised microphones, in which he can talk, and thanks to media unprofessionalism, without fears of getting a direct, reasoned and well-founded answer.

Konjević reported in the repetition of incomplete, and often completely inaccurate constructions, with the intention of becoming truth by repeating.

Raško and Raško's would liquidate Montenegro Airlines with an equal passion with which they forced foreign investors and prevented development projects, with a passion with which they made ad hoc coalitions in order to adopt unconstitutional laws that would ruin the financial system.

Raško does not want to go from the comfort and shade of private and privatised microphones to the parliamentary microphone. He does not want, because he can get there an instant and reasoned answers to all the constructions that he prepares in a leisure time, directly instrumentalising a media-interest-political group. In these constructions, he uses bare falsehood, saying that I was caught in illegal actions in connection with collecting the tax debt with the debtor's property. On this construction, he received a clear and reasoned response several times both from the line ministry and from me.

He does not want, because he is valuated by the measures of citizens of Montenegro in the Parliament, and not by the measures of privatisation of the media services, including those called the public ones, as he does this in the eyes of these same citizens. However, every day of an even smaller number, as Raško and Raško's managed to reduce their ratings, because they are less and less public service every day, and more and more political service of Raško and Raško's.

Before he can force himself to say something in the parliamentary microphone, I suggest him to ask his family – in the SDP to answer the questions about Montenegro Airlines and the Airports of Montenegro.

Those, two of whom on behalf of the SDP were continuously in the Montenegro Airlines Board of Directors for more than a decade and a half, and having even more important managerial positions at the Airports of Montenegro.

Let them all gather together first, and then let them interrogate each other and agree.

In response to politics, we only presented the facts, but Raško's service was unprofessional, giving the new offer to Patron to continue bringing falsehood so that Raško's service tried to summarise the facts on the same day in the same show. Therefore, we will no longer deal with the answers to political questions and constructions because Government does not have its own service, but we will focus our energy and time on creating the conditions for the survival and development of economic entities in this important segment of every economy, especially our own, given their  multiplicative significance to the overall development of Montenegro – so far and in the future.

Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović