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Budapest: Minister Darmanović participates in meeting of foreign ministers of countries of Visegrád Group, Western Balkans, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia

Published date 11.10.2017 16:00 | Author PR Service

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Budapest, Hungary (11 October 2017) -- Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović participated in today's meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries of the Visegrád Group(V4), the Western Balkans, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia, held in Budapest.

During his speech, Minister Darmanović said that regional cooperation requires mutual understanding and trust based on common interests and needs, and that the Visegrád Group is synonymous with a successful model of regional cooperation in the field of politics, economy and culture, better energy and transport connectivity, as well as commitment to digitisation of society and innovation.

"It is clear that today we no longer discuss the prerequisites for development, but we strive to be practical and innovative in achieving the goals we aim for, and active participation in regional cooperation mechanisms makes us more prepared to fulfill all our obligations towards the EU," Minister Darmanović said.