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Montenegro's Cabinet session

Published date 10.11.2017 20:00 | Author PR Service

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At today's session, the Montenegrin Cabinet adopted the document "Assessment of the impact on heritage for the natural and cultural-historical area of Kotor". The Document comprehensively analysed and registered critical processes, procedures and projects, and defined their impact on heritage. It proposed mitigation measures, in order to preserve and protect the integrity and authenticity of the exceptional value of the area. In the discussion, it was estimated that the Document, prepared by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Montenegro in cooperation with foreign experts, was made professionally and responsibly. Prime Minister Duško Marković assessed that the Document implies the obligation of remediation and further preservation of the area.

The Decree on Amendments to the Decree on the criteria for putting or removing drugs from the medicines list has been adopted. The regulation specifies the price of medicines that are already on the List, as well as the drugs that are put on the List for the first time. The changes provide for better availability of quality and safe medicines and the possibility for the insurer to choose the drug that is on the basic list of medicines or a drug that is placed on the supplementary list of medicines, while reducing the share of the insurer in the costs of treatment. In order to ensure full transparency and information to the insurers, the Ministry of Health updates the list of medicines removed from the medicines list and publishes the list on its website every six months.

Within the EU integration process, the Cabinet adopted:
- Information on the Financing Agreement between the European Commission, the Government of Montenegro and the Republic of Kosovo within the framework of IPA II, for Montenegro-Kosovo 2015-2017 Cross-Border Cooperation Program
- Information on the Financing Agreement between the European Commission, the Government of Montenegro and Albania within the framework of IPA II, for Montenegro-Albania 2015-2017 Cross-border Cooperation Program and
- Information on the Agreement on Consent between the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro on the Implementation of the Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for the period 2014-2020.

Cross-border cooperation programs within the framework of IPA II are implemented within the framework of the EU Enlargement Policy, aimed at promoting good neighbourly relations and socio-economic development through the implementation of joint initiatives at the local and regional level. Also, cross-border cooperation should further foster EU integration and prepare future member state for the implementation of territorial cooperation within the framework of structural funds, as well as to contribute to economic and social development in the border areas. A total of about EUR 90 million, including national co-financing, is intended for the implementation of the program.

The Cabinet adopted the Concession Act for the award of the concession for the provision of port services - port pilotage in Port of Kotor and pilotage in the Bay of Kotor, and instructed the Montenegro Port Authority to appoint a Tender Commission with the task of organising and conducting the public tender procedure for the award of the concession. The discussion assessed that the concessionary conditions would provide for a more secure navigation in this part of the internal waters of Montenegro, with significant revenues from fixed and variable concession fee at the annual level from the moment of signing contracts with future concessionaires.