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Minister Nurković: This year's investments in Montenegro’s road infrastructure are biggest so far

Minister Nurković: This year
Published date 13.11.2017 11:00 | Author PR Service

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This year, Montenegro has been working on a large number of projects, and as never before significant resources are invested in road infrastructure, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Osman Nurković said, while making a guest appearance on national broadcaster TVCG.

The Minister said that he is pleased with the fact that this year's investments in Montenegro’s road infrastructure are the biggest so far.

When asked to comment on the most important project for Montenegro and its citizens, Bar-Boljare motorway project, Minister Nurković expressed satisfaction with the dynamics of works that are very successfully along the entire section.

"The works are going great. Practically after a year and a half of project documentation development, the resolution of some problems, the opening of the construction site and everything that was supposed to precede the start of the works, the works are now being carried out very successfully throughout the entire section, on bridges, tunnels and I can say with satisfaction that the works are excellent," Nurković pointed out.

Answering the question about the complex situation in Montenegro Airlines, the Minister emphasised that the sale of the Airport is not considered, and that the most acceptable solution is sought in order to maintain this extremely important company for Montenegro and its citizens.

The Minister said that the situation in the company is being assessed in order to find an adequate model for stabilising the situation, given that the company is very important for Montenegro, economy and company's employees. Nurković also said that difficult situation in Montenegro Airlines was the first and greatest challenge he has faced as the Minister.
We were to file bankruptcy, but with the efforts of the Government and management in that company and the extraordinary efforts we managed to maintain that company and I think it is for the benefit of the citizens and the entire economy, especially the tourism economy, because that company carries about 550,000 passengers. I am sure that about 70 percent of them are tourists, which also affects the overall tourism economy, the Minister said.

When asked to comment on the current situation in the Port of Bar, Minister Nurković stressed that it has extremely high potential, and that many delegations, in addition to the delegation from China, show interest in the Port of Bar and that the situation is currently being revised.

Answering the question about Railway Transport of Montenegro, the Minister agreed that the situation is not good, but that significant investments are made to improve the existing situation.

"The situation is not good. But we must definitely conclude that significant resources are being invested from day to day to improve this situation. In the next year, we are planning to invest about EUR 18 million in rail infrastructure. About 40 km of railway has been reconstructed and the works are ongoing, in phases as we provide funds and how dynamics allows us. Thus, EUR 18 million is used from the loan, and in addition, about EUR 15 million will be invested from the current state budget. In addition, we applied for an additional EUR 20 million loan for rail transport, a grant of 50 percent, i.e. 20 million grants. From these funds, we also planned to invest EUR 13 million in the reconstruction of 22 km of railroads, we would get three new trains and invest about 6 million in equipment for railway maintenance," Minister Nurković concluded.