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PM Marković at 16 + 1 Summit: Montenegro considers mechanism of cooperation with China complementary to its priority - EU membership

PM Marković at 16 + 1 Summit: Montenegro considers mechanism of cooperation with China complementary to its priority - EU membership
Published date 27.11.2017 12:11 | Author PR Service

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Budapest, Hungary (27 November 2017) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said earlier today at the Sixth Summit of China and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest that the fact that the Heads of State or Government have meet within this Mechanism for the sixth time since 2012 clearly implies that all the countries recognised the importance of strategic partnership with one of the of the world's leading economies. He added that Montenegro considers this Mechanism and intensive and significant economic cooperation with China complementary to its priority - membership in the EU, and that this Mechanism complements the efforts of the countries of the region initiated by the Berlin Process.


"Montenegro and other Western Balkan countries have defined the reconstruction and development of infrastructure as a key priority for future development. There is no doubt: We cannot move forward without renewed and modernised transport, energy and telecommunication network. The Berlin Process has opened up European funds for financing infrastructure projects, and this Mechanism complements these efforts with similar goals: economical empowerment of the countries of the region through the modernisation of their overall infrastructure," Prime Minister Duško Marković underlined addressing the plenary session of the meeting of the heads of state or government of China and 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest.

In that regard, Prime Minister Marković underlined that Montenegro is implementing with its Chinese partners the key infrastructure project – construction of the motorway from Bar to the border with Serbia.

"We believe that the first section will be completed within the deadline and we are already working on an arrangement for the continuation of the construction of another section, according to the model of private-public partnership," noted Prime Minister Marković.

He added that Montenegro is intensively working on the preparation of other projects in the fields of railway infrastructure and construction of new energy capacities.

"I would like to mention here the significance and synergy of this initiative, as well as the EU Platform for Connectivity with China, and the "One Belt, One Way" initiative, as part of the joint efforts to promote the integration of Europe and Asia. We believe that Montenegro, with the Port of Bar and its potentials, can successfully contribute to making the best use of the maritime port corridor in the Mediterranean and better connectivity of the entire region. In that regard, we are of the opinion that the reconstruction and modernisation of the Bar - Belgrade railway and its connecting with the high-speed rail link between Budapest and Belgrade will make it a logical whole," said the Prime Minister.

Speaking of Montenegro’s achievements, Prime Minister Marković told the participants of the summit that Montenegro has become a member of NATO this year, the same time strengthening its macroeconomic stability, with a real economic growth of 4.2% in the first half of the year, which is among the hightest growth rates in Europe, and that, along with consolidation of the public finance, the increase in foreign direct investment and further improvement of the investment environment compared to last year, it improved its score by 5 places in the global competitiveness index .

"The reforms we have been implementing in Montenegro are incentives for investors to come and assure themselves in a favourable environment and a wide range of investment areas. I will mention here some of our potentials. As to tourism, we are one of the fastest growing destinations, and has seen record attendance over the last 30 years. Montenegrin energy system still uses only a part of its potential, which is why we are trying to create an environment that will attract foreign investment in electricity generation, with a special focus on conventional renewable sources. Agriculture is also an area of major importance for the further development of our economy," said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the 16 + 1 Summit in Budapest.