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Montenegro's Cabinet Session

Published date 11.01.2018 17:08 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 January 2018) -- At today's 57th session, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković, the Government of Montenegro allocated emergency financial assistance from the current budget reserve to the municipalities in the Northern Region affected by the earthquake that occurred on 4 January this year. For cases on elimination of the most urgent consequences of the earthquake, the Government allocated EUR 70,000 for Plav, EUR 50,000 for Gusinje, EUR 40,000 for Andrijevica, and EUR 30,000 for Berane.

Funds allocated today within the Proposal for the allocation of emergency financial assistance to local governments for remediation of damage caused by the earthquake are help to eliminate the most urgent consequences of the earthquake, and municipal commissions should prepare as soon as possible the reports on damage that will be remedied in coordination with the Government.

The Government adopted the Strategy for improving the incentive environment for the activities of non-governmental organisations 2018-2020, as well as the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy, defining the priorities, activities and deadlines for their implementation. This is the third strategic document in this area, general goal of which is further improvement of the legal and institutional framework for NGO activities and strengthening the cooperation between public administration and NGOs in the process of creating and implementing public policies, taking into account their different but complementary roles and responsibilities in this process.

The Government also adopted the Action Plan 2018-2010 for the implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Montenegro for the period 2016-2020, implementation of which continues the implementation of the reform in the direction of creating an efficient and service-oriented public administration, characterised by a growth of citizens’ confidence in its work. Public Administration reform will be primarily focused on improving the competitiveness of the economy and the quality of life of citizens in Montenegro, and at the same time on meeting the requirements for EU membership.

In order to harmonise with the aquis communautaire, the Draft Law on Amendments to the Property Law was adopted. The changes, which will come into force when Montenegro becomes a full member of the European Union, refer to equalising the status of citizens of EU Member States with domestic individuals and legal entities, in respect of the acquisition of property rights on immovable property.

At today’s session, the Government adopted the Information on the Proposal of the Financing Agreement between the Government of Montenegro and the European Commission on the Annual Action Programme for Montenegro for 2017 – Part 2, and it accepted the Agreement. The Annual Action Programme envisages budget support for public administration reform in Montenegro in the total amount of EUR 15 million, EUR 12 million of which is of direct budget support and EUR 3 million of complementary support. When presenting the Information, it was noted that this Programme is entirely financed by the funds of the European Union, which means that no national co-financing is envisaged.