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DPM Simović on TV show Agrosaznanje: Agro budget reflects Government's commitment to farmers and entrepreneurs

DPM Simović on TV show Agrosaznanje: Agro budget reflects Government
Published date 11.02.2018 14:00 | Author PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System and Minister of Agrculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović made a guest appearance on TV show Agrosaznanje broadcasted on the Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG).

Presenting the 2018 Agro budget, amounting to nearly EUR 40 million, DPM Simović said that significant growth of funds for the agriculture sector is a reflection of the Government's commitment to farmers and entrepreneurs in this area, as well as efforts to provide as much non-refundable and favourable agricultural development possible for development of agriculture from EU funds. He recalled that this year's Agro budget is increased by EUR 8.5 million, on the basis of increased allocations from all three sources of funding – national budget, EU funds and favourable credit arrangements with the World Bank and IFAD.

When asked about objections from some addresses over looking excessively at the EU, Simović said that the EU is a goal Montenegro wants to achieve in order to reach the standards, increase competitiveness and allow Montenegrin producers to use the same benefits that EU farmers have.

Simović stated that in the next ten days the first public call for funds from the IPARD programme will be announced, providing EUR 51 million of non-refundable support (39 from EU funds and 12 from the national budget). As estimated, IPARD will be one of the most important impulses and drivers of further development of agriculture, both in primary production and in the manufacturing sector.

Recalling that 217 IPARD projects, of total investment of EUR 8 million and EUR 4 million non-refundable support were implemented last year, Simović said that this was a good training for both administration and agricultural producers and expressed the belief that Montenegro is ready for big IPARD. He recalled that the Investment and Development Fund (IRF) had given a significant impetus to securing favourable funding for prefinancing projects last year by efficient procedures and by accepting mortgages on estates and houses in the countryside.