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DPM Simović opens first Fish Market in city of Ulcinj

DPM Simović opens first Fish Market in city of Ulcinj
Published date 09.03.2018 14:48 | Author PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović, together with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Belgrade Arne Sannes Bjornstad and President of the Ulcinj Municipality Nazif Cungu, officially opened today the first Fish Market in city of Ulcinj.

DPM Simović said the project of building the Fish Market is the result of a partnership between the Government of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Norway and local authorities, for the benefit of all fishermen of Ulcinj and consumers.

It is a project that should create preconditions for establishing a system of control, traceability and safety of fish products. The aim was to provide the fishermen with an adequate place of first sale and create conditions for improving the level of food safety in the part of the placement of fishery products and better control of the fresh fish trade, " DPM Simović underlined, adding that he was looking forward to casting this project into oblivion of the previous picture - fish on the streets and on the sidewalks.

DPM Simović pointed out that the construction of the Fish Market in Ulcinj is only one of the projects that is moving towards an ambitious, big project of development of Montenegrin fisheries, which needs much to be done. "Together, once again with the valuable fishermen on this occasion I want a peaceful sea, a good catch, and that we all respect the standards of responsible fishing, sustainable management of sensitive fish resources, and that on the basis of such fisheries we give to consumers in Montenegro and tourists the which is a particularly valuable product such as the fruits of our sea, "stressed out DPM  Simović.

The fish market is a good message, he added, and for the fishermen, whom he called to register, in order to be able to realize all the benefits and support that the Ministry of Agriculture has implemented. "I am sure that with this, we will jointly build a new mosaic in modern Montenegrin fishing," said Simović.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development took the opportunity to thank the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, not only on this project, but also on all those that were implemented in Montenegro in the previous period, whose total value, as he said, exceeds 30 million euros. These are projects in the sphere of strengthening the rule of law, defense systems, strengthening institutions, energy efficiency and others. "I also express my gratitude on the commitment of the Norwegian Government to launch two new projects that will be directed to the Western Balkans region, and the realization of economic projects aimed at less developed areas in Montenegro, with a special accent on the north. The sum of all these projects shows the support Montenegro has in continuity from the Kingdom of Norway and the people of that country, " DPM Simović said.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Belgrade Arne Sannes Bjornstad expressed his satisfaction at the visit to Ulcinj, the city with a tradition and potential for the development of fisheries, which was used by the country in the right way.

From the experience of Norway, the valorisation of potentials in fishing, but also tourism, the most important is good governance. "I believe Riblja pijaca will enable Ulcinj fishermen to better manage their seafood and contribute to preventing illegal fishing," said Ambassador Bjornstad.

President of the Ulcinj Municipality Nazif Cungu, thanked to the Deputy Prime Minister Simović and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, expressing his satisfaction with the final implementation of the project, reminding that the initiative related to the project for the protection of flora and fauna on the coast of Ulcinj started five years ago. "After two unsuccessful tenders, we managed to find partners in the Government of Norway and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, we are implementing a project through which we managed to suppress fishing with explosive devices and began building a modern market that will serve all fishermen, managed by communal enterprise, "Cungu concluded.