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Public enforcement officers responsible for more effective protection of citizens' rights and more favorable business environment

Public enforcement officers responsible for more effective protection of citizens
Published date 30.03.2018 12:30 | Author PR Service

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With the aim of more efficient protection of citizens' rights and better access to the justice of domestic economy and foreign investors, the Government of Montenegro initiated a radical reform of the system of execution of court verdicts, which in 2014 resulted in the establishment of a system of public enforcement officers,  Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin announced today in Budva at the opening of the Annual Counseling of Public Enforcement Officers.


Deputy Prime Minister Pažin pointed to the importance of the executive profession and expressed support for important contributors that public executors give to the realization of justice and justice, as the basis for the overall social and economic progress of Montenegro. He explained that a final court judgment rendered within a reasonable time, before an independent and impartial tribunal, is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the ultimate realization of justice.


"Justice and fairness are ultimately achieved by the prompt and effective execution of court judgments, when citizens, businessmen and investors finally receive justice and exercise rights that have been denied them. Only by quickly and efficiently exercising the rights protected in court proceedings we build a sense of legal certainty, we strengthen trust in the rule of law and we give mosses total social and economic progress." underlined DPM Pažin.

By introducing independent executors of the executive function in the Montenegrin legal system, a considerably more efficient, faster and shorter procedure for execution of court verdicts has been established. In addition, the public enforcement system has significantly relieved the courts and allowed them to be more involved in resolving more complex cases.


"So, today after four years, we are happy to note that the decision to move this process out of the courts was correct. The system of public enforcement contributed to a more successful and faster realization of citizens' rights, while our business environment is significantly more reliable and competitive today." DPM Pažin  stressed out. 


"In the vast majority, acting executives carry out these demanding standards of ethics and legal profession. Unfortunately, in the past years, there have been individual cases of public executives who, with unconscious and irresponsible work, have caused considerable damage to the reputation of this significant profession. I will remind that last year disciplinary proceedings against eight public perpetrators have been initiated, as well as criminal proceedings against one person, who, up to the end of the procedure, is removed from the service. " DPM Pažin concluded.


"In the Ministry of Justice, which oversees the work of public enforcement officers, we are ready to give all the support and encouragement to the honorable and professional bearers of this profession, but we are also ready to sanction, decisively and without any delay, in cooperation with the Chamber of Public Enforcement Officers, those public executives who disregard their moral and professional duties. " said  Deputy Prime Minister  Zoran Pažin.


Deputy Prime Minister Pažin welcomed the efforts of public enforcement officers to further contribute to the building of feelings of legal certainty among Montenegrin citizens, businessmen and investors, through today's counseling and further strengthening of their own profession, as a prerequisite for further development of the state and the creation of new values ​​in Montenegro.