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Session of National Security Council

Session of National Security Council
Published date 01.04.2018 22:45 | Author THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL

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Podgorica, Montenegro (1 April 2018) -- On the occasion of the recent events in Podgorica, which resulted in a tragic loss of life and worsening of the security situation, the National Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister Duško Marković, held its 12th session this evening in an expanded composition.

Apart from the members of the Council, the session was attended by the President of the Supreme Court, the Supreme State Prosecutor, the Chief Special Prosecutor, and heads of the Higher and Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica.

The Council assessed that the security situation is violated due to the growing conflicts of organised criminal groups. The Council requested, and the heads of the competent state authorities accepted, the establishment of joint specialised teams, composed of representatives of the Prosecutor's Office, the Police Directorate and other bodies, with the task of more efficient fight against organised crime, and with the ultimate goal of providing full safety and security for every citizen and his family.

Continuous and coordinated activities are agreed in order to provide a strong and comprehensive response from the State to organised crime.

The Council gave an order in the direction of reviewing personnel changes and organisational strengthening of the law enforcement authorities, and tasked the Bureau for Operational Coordination and Harmonisation of Activities of the Intelligence and Security Sector to ensure and monitor the implementation of agreed activities and established priorities at the daily level.