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DPM Simović presents IPARD call for processing sector: Europe is already in Montenegro, Montenegro is getting closer to Europe

DPM Simović presents IPARD call for processing sector: Europe is already in Montenegro, Montenegro is getting closer to Europe
Published date 13.04.2018 18:00 | Author PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović presented today in Nikšić a public call IPARD for granting non-refundable support to the processing sector in the agricultural sector, through which new EUR 17 million will be available for small and medium-sized enterprises in the agricultural sector for investments of EUR 40,000 to 1,500,000, with 50% of non-refundable support.

DPM Simović assessed that this project is another confirmation of stronger support that Montenegro has with each new European step.

Simović said that he can say that Europe is already in Montenegro and that Montenegro is getting closer to Europe.

Europe is in Montenegro through continuous and generous support to the agricultural sector. By achieving a number of quality and safety standards and enhancing competitiveness, we can rightly say that Montenegro is getting closer to Europe. IPARD Programme and today's public call for support to processing sector is the best example of this, Simović said.

He pointed out that the IPARD programme is a great chance and opportunity for domestic producers, and called and encouraged them to use available resources to path the way for the EU market. As he added, advisory and financial support from the Government, as well as Investment and Development Fund (IRF), will be available to entrepreneurs for the successful implementation of the projects.

After joining the EU, a generous support from the European budget will be available to our agricultural sector, our farmers, our processors, our villages, Simović said, adding that Montenegro is working to harmonize its agricultural policy with the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

When it comes to the IPARD call for processing sector, Minister Simović reminded that 65 projects have been contracted, worth EUR 10.8 million. The total investments in the past projects amounted to EUR 13.8 million.

EU Delegation: A new opportunity for better placement of Montenegrin products

Head of Cooperation Section in the EU Delegation Hermann Spitz expressed his satisfaction with another IPARD call, as well as the benefits that it will bring to Montenegro. He recalled that the first IPARD public call for primary agricultural production was announced more than a month ago, and that now is the time for companies in the processing sector. He also expressed satisfaction with the fact that a significant number of agricultural enterprises successfully implemented projects supported through IPARD like 2, as well as the fact that opportunities for new and larger investments are now being created.

He said that IPARD offers an opportunity to raise the standard and quality of Montenegrin products, improve rural development, and strengthen the overall economy.

PR ServicePR Service
The agricultural producers from Nikšić and Danilovgrad received today the decision on the support they applied for through public calls for the purchase of mechanization and dairy equipment, through Agrobudget for 2018.

Through the realisation of a public call for procurement of mechanization according to Agrobudget for 2018, Montenegrin agricultural producers have invested a total of EUR 1.54 million, with a non-refundable support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development amounting to over EUR 764 thousand. More than EUR 250,000 were invested for the purchase of dairy equipment, and the Ministry's non-refundable support amounted to more than EUR 125,000.

DPM Simović expressed his satisfaction with the new meeting with farmers from the two municipalities and the opportunity to talk about opportunities for new strides on the road to improving their farms in light of the European perspective of Montenegrin agriculture.