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Press release from 73rd Cabinet session

Press release from 73rd Cabinet session
Published date 19.04.2018 17:09 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (19 April 2018) – In the framework of harmonisation with European legislation and fulfilment of the prerequisites for closing negotiations in Chapter 28 - Consumer and Health Protection, the Montenegrin Cabinet passed at its 73rd session, the Draft Law Amending the Law on Surveillance of Products on the Market. It was noted that the amendments aim to achieve complete compliance with the general product safety directive.

The Montenegrin Cabinet passed the Information on the Basis for Negotiations with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) for the "Second Energy Efficiency Project in Montenegro (MEEP 2)". The conclusion of this agreement, amounting to EUR 6 million, is foreseen by the Budget Law for 2018. The Energy Efficiency Project in Montenegro - MEEP 2 represents a continuation of cooperation between the World Bank and Montenegro in the field of improvement of energy efficiency in public institutions. The MEEP 2 project is planned to use credit funds for the implementation of energy efficiency measures and improving the conditions in 18 health facilities. So far, 25 public facilities have been adapted within MEEP, namely 16 health and 9 educational institutions, with the total value of works amounting to EUR 9.1 million.

The Cabinet approved the First Quarterly Report on Implementation of Obligations from Montenegro's EU Accession Programme for the period 2018 - 2020.

The Cabinet also passed the Decision on closer criteria and procedure for allocation of long-term loans to individuals for the purpose of securing an apartment or a housing facility for social housing. This is the third phase of the 1000+ Project addressing housing needs under more favourable terms, which is envisaged for citizens with middle and lower incomes.

Today’s session passed the Information on the conclusion of the Public Services Provision Agreement between the Government of Montenegro and National Public Broadcaster RTCG and accepted the text of the Agreement.