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Deputy Prime Minister Simović in Novi Sad: Relations are excellent, businessmen, entrepreneurs to be creative, brave and innovative

Deputy Prime Minister Simović in Novi Sad: Relations are excellent, businessmen, entrepreneurs to be creative, brave and innovative
Published date 16.05.2018 13:18 | Author PR Service

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Služba za odnose s javnošćuSlužba za odnose s javnošću

Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović announced today in Novi Sad that Serbia is the first and most important partner in terms of trade exchange, so that it is the result of good political and overall bilateral relations between the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. DPM Simović invited businessmen and entrepreneurs to be brave, innovative, creative and to build pillars of further development of the economies of the two countries.

Such a good inter-trade and economic relations are certainly the result of very good political and overall bilateral relations between Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia. The two friendly countries and  governments have created a positive political framework, based on mutual respect and respect for one's own interests, a framework that has created a favorable environment for economic integration and overall regional co-operation. By the scope of trade, Serbia is the first and most important partner of Montenegro. In 2017, the trade in goods amounted to EUR 561.7 million, or 21% of the total Montenegrin exchange, which is 4.1% more than in the previous year. The commodity exchange with Vojvodina is estimated at around 174 million euros, "said Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović in Novi Sad, addressing the Business Forum Vojvodina – Montenegro.

According to the data of the Central Bank of Montenegro, the value of direct investments of Serbian companies in the period from 2006 to November 2017 amounted to  EUR 436 millions, which totally ranks among the top 10 of the over 110 countries that have invested so far in Montenegro. In 2017, the inflow of investments from Serbia amounted to EUR 30.6 million. In the last record year for Montenegrin tourism, with a record number of visitors (over 2 million) and a record income from tourism (close to 1 billion euros), Montenegro has visited over 405 thousand tourists from Serbia, who achieved close to 3 million nights. In relation to the opportunities and potential that Montenegro has and these figures can also be significantly higher, on mutual benefits. ''That's why I invite you to take an even greater opportunity to take part in fairs and business forums in Montenegro, which are always an opportunity to connect business people and get acquainted with attractive business and investment environments in Montenegro, " pointed out DPM Simović, adding  for Montenegro, it's encouraging, that in the first quarter of this year, Serbia exported products worth  EUR 21.2 millions, 43.2% compared to the same period last year.

Deputy Prime Simović  informed attendants of  the Forum about the excellent results of the economic policy of the Government of Montenegro last year and this year, including economic growth of 4.4%.

"The Government of Montenegro, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Government are most responsible for creating a political and economic framework that will provide you with an unhindered market operation, in which you will depend only on your work. A framework in which you will be able to realise your entrepreneurial vision, because you are the pillars of the development of our country's economy. So, be creative, brave and, above all, innovative. Share experiences and constantly discover new fields of possible cooperation, follow the 21st century communication and technological trends, present your products and services and always strive to be the best "- underlined Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović in Novi Sad at the Business Forum Vojvodina - Montenegro .

Speaking about the political situation,  DPM Simović expressed satisfaction with the policies of the Republic of Serbia, which encourages the Montenegrin community to preserve the identity and diversity.

"Being in Vojvodina is impossible to dont remember many Montenegrins who, after the Second World War  had the chance to build their home in the fertile Vojvodina plain and the opportunity to become loyal citizens of the Republic of Serbia, carefully nurturing their national Montenegrin identity, their language and their culture.'' said Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović.