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SOFIA: PM Marković urged EU to support countries of Region in order to achieve stability that can not be disturbed by side

Published date 17.05.2018 12:22 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković called on the EU-Western Balkans in Sofia today to further support the Western Balkan countries, as it is the only way to achieve stability that can not be disturbed by the side.

Thanks to the long-standing intense European agenda and the achieved progress, the main associations, when the region is mentioned, no longer have to be security challenges, bilateral disputes or economic underdevelopment, which is a common perception as a consequence of the legacy of the past. Potentials of the region, tourism, investments, should increasingly become an association on the Western Balkans. Potentials that will achieve their full realization precisely through cohesion within the region and with the Union, which is justified by the central theme of the summit and at the heart of solutions to the remaining problems in the region - pointed out Prime Minister at the Summit.

 Prime Minister Marković said that the most visible and economically most viable way of supporting the European Union is the development and modernization of infrastructure.

''Further support from the EU and member countries is crucial. With their expertise, funds and support, we will achieve that level of stability that is irreversible and unconnected to any turbulence or side effects. This is still not the case, and our region with the challenges we are talking about today can overcome them only with a clear European perspective that has no alternative. We are confident that this will be the main result of today's dialogue. " concluded Prime Minister Duško Marković at the I plenary session of the EU-Western Balkans Summit n Sofia.