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Press release from 77th Cabinet session

Press release from 77th Cabinet session
Published date 17.05.2018 18:32 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (17 May 2018) -- At today's 77th session, the Government of Montenegro passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on Financial Restructuring of Debts to Financial Institutions. The amendment extends the deadline for concluding a consent agreement for participation in financial restructuring, or filing a financial restructuring application for another year. The discussion emphasised that enforcing this law, through direct influence on the reduction of non-performing loans in the coming period, will contribute to increasing competitiveness in the banking sector, as well as the competitiveness of legal entities - business entities participating in debt restructuring, which will result in the expected growth in total lending activity under more favourable terms and the development of new products and services. Ultimately, the extension of the deadline will affect the strengthening of financial stability and the creation of a more favourable business environment in Montenegro.

The Regulation Amending the Regulation on Projects for Environmental Impact Assessment was also passed at today’s session. The amendments relate to projects in the field of agriculture, both those for which environmental impact assessment is mandatory, as well as projects for which an impact assessment may be required. This was necessary for the realisation of various activities that could have an impact on both agriculture and the environment. Accordingly, the value thresholds related to projects in the field of agriculture have been altered, which will ensure a balanced and efficient approach to decision-making by competent authorities, especially at the local level when it comes to agriculture-related projects. Also, it is important to emphasise that the amendments to the Regulation do not endanger the environment, nor deviate from the compliance with the EU acquis, while at the same time they contributes to the improvement of the business environment in Montenegro in the field of agriculture.

The Cabinet passed the Decision on the Establishment of a National Control List of Dual-Use Goods. It is a regular annual update of the National Checklist, with the aim of aligning it with the EU list. On that occasion, the Cabinet members agreed that the improvement of responsible control of exports and transfers of dual-use goods increases global, and especially regional security.

The Government also passed the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the coastal area of Montenegro. It was stressed that this planning document is a material for the directed and controlled use of the space of all coastal municipalities and their potentials, with adequate preservation, protection and improvement of the environment. The coastal region as a whole has many potentials, but also development restrictions, which requires a unique planning approach in future organisation and use of space.
The Government has passed the Draft of the Spatial Plan of the Special Purpose of the Prokletije National Park.

The Government adopted the Information on the conducted International tender for the selection of work contractors for remediation of soil at the Bijela Shipyard location. In the procedure prescribed by the World Bank for the contractors, the French company Valgo was selected. The value of the project is slightly below EUR 19 million, and the contract envisages a deadline of 21 months for its completion. Funding is provided under the loan agreement with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the project "Industrial waste management and cleaning."

The Government also adopted the Information on the employment status of a part of the civil servants and employees of the former Ministry of European Affairs. The Cabinet adopted the conclusions that regulate the issue of payment of salaries to officials and employees of the former Ministry, up to the regulation of their labour and legal status.