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DPM Simović in Ulcinj: Launching investment moment in Ulcinj seeks an engagement of local authorities

DPM Simović in Ulcinj: Launching investment moment in Ulcinj seeks an engagement of local authorities
Published date 10.07.2018 20:06 | Author PR Service

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Ulcinj, Montenegro (10 July 2018) -- The investment momentum begun in Ulcinj requires the engagement of the local self-government, with continued support from the Government, in order to continue the accelerated development of the municipality, opened new jobs and improved the quality of life of the citizens of Ulcinj, said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Milutin Simović at today's meeting with the management of the Municipality.

At the meeting of DPM Simović, associates and local government leaders, led by the Mayor of the Municipality, Ljoro Nrekić, it was noted that they were satisfied with the rationalisation of a number of infrastructure projects in the area of ​​Ulcinj, which are the basis for further investor interest.

It was estimated that it would be a good idea that the road construction project from Ulcinj to Krut is moving faster, but also the belief that it will be successfully completed in the coming season. DPM Simović said that CEDIS was looking forward to investing in the municipality, but he also expressed concern about the situation on the ground.


The works on the right Bojana's sleeve run through the planned dynamics



During the working visit to Ulcinj, DPM Simović visited the Bojana River section, where the material was removed from the glove box in order to establish the required flow.


"Last year we had a warning from the river Bojana, whose course was stopped and threatened with admiration of Ada Bojana. It was a situation that indicated that it was necessary to react urgently and continuously to deal with the status of a river bed that is important, of international significance, and for whose flow through both shafts there is an international agreement that accurately defines the necessary flow. Based on these thoughts, and the previously done project, we started to feed the troughs at critical points, above all, on the sleeve. The works carried out by "Tubing commerce" are running well.

Around 1,500 cubic meters of valuable material is extracted daily, which has its useful value. So from one problem present for many years, we come to an active position. The state in cooperation with the local administration, with the engagement of the contractor, resolves a long-standing problem, and at the same time, there is a space for solving other issues," the Deputy Prime Minister Simović concluded.