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DPM Pažin: System of execution of criminal sanctions mirrored justice and humanity of society

DPM Pažin: System of execution of criminal sanctions mirrored justice and humanity of   society
Published date 11.07.2018 12:33 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 July 2018)-- The functional system of execution of criminal sanctions reflected the state's ability to ensure justice, but also the confirmation of the humanity and the readiness of the society to provide a chance for rehabilitation even to perpetrators of serious crimes," the Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Pažin announced at the National Conference "Functioning of the System of Criminal Sanctions" today in Podgorica.

DPM Pažin pointed out that the increase in the overall efficiency of the judicial system in recent years has resulted in a significant pressure on the system of execution of criminal sanctions.

That is why the Government decided to invest up to EUR 15 million in the construction of a new prison in the north of Montenegro. The construction of new prison facilities will ensure that legally convicted persons are promptly sent to serving prison sentences, in conditions that meet high international standards of safety and protection of prisoners' rights," DPM Pažin stressed.   

DPM Pažin emphasised the Government's commitment to build a Special Health Institution within the Institute for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions, adding that it is intensively working on the preparation of technical documentation in order to provide support for this project from EU funds.

"By developing a system of alternative enforcement of criminal sanctions, we are trying to reduce the prison population, but also reduce the reprisal in the commission of criminal offenses. In December last year, we established a system of electronic monitoring of the execution of prison sentences in residential areas. In this way, up to now 65 homeport sentences have been successfully executed. In addition, the full functionality of the execution of a penalty of work in the public interest has been accomplished," DPM Pažin said.

DPM Pažin underlined that an understandable and justified moral conviction of certain serious crimes should not lead to the justification or tolerance of any form of violence or violation of the human rights of prisoners.

Adequate attitude towards persons deprived of liberty is not only our legal and civilising obligation, but this behavior increases the chances of their resocialisation and reintegration into society after the serving of a prison sentence," DPM Pažin concluded.The National Conference, which brings together representatives of state institutions, the civil sector and international partners, was organised by the Citizens Alliance, supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy.