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Accessing EU and meeting objectives of Agenda 2030 are complementary processes

Accessing EU and meeting objectives of Agenda 2030  are complementary processes
Published date 12.07.2018 14:32 | Author PR Service

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Montenegro is the leader in meeting the obligations of the EU accession process and one of the countries that is leading in achieving the goals from the Agenda for sustainable development until 2030, it was assessed at the meeting of the main negotiator of Montenegro with the EU Aleksandar Drljević with the permanent coordinator of the UN system in Montenegro, Fiona McCluney.

The Chief Negotiator thanked for the support provided by the UN system to Montenegro in strengthening its EU accession capacities, assessing it as very relevant for the overall development of Montenegrin society.


The Chief Negotiator Drljević presented the new organisational format of the negotiating structure that is reflected in the establishment of the Office for European Integration, stating that excellent cooperation with the UN system will continue through this format. He met McCluney with the current situation in Montenegro's negotiations with the EU, reminding that 31 chapters are open and three are temporarily closed.



"We are ready to move to a new phase of negotiations and begin closing the chapter, aware that the dynamics, in line with the new approach to negotiation, depends on the results in all chapters, and in particular in Chapters 23 and 24, which are the foundation of this process. Montenegrin citizens are already feeling the benefits that this process has brought over the past six years, although there is still a lot of work ahead of us," the Chief Negotiator Drljević stressed.

Furthermore, the Chief Negotiator expressed the expectation that the efforts and results achieved by Montenegro will be recognised by the EU and will be rewarded with the opening of the remaining two chapters. MCcluney emphasised the UN's readiness to continue cooperation with the Office for European Integration, pointing to a clear link between the Objectives of Sustainable Development from Agenda 2030 and commitments from the EU accession process, especially in the fields of environment, social policy and employment, and justice and fundamental rights.

"Fulfillment of obligations in these chapters contributes most to meeting the objectives of the Agenda 2030. Our mandate in Montenegro is to provide support in achieving national priorities, primarily the process of EU accession, including building and strengthening national capacities for this process," the permanenent coordinator of the UN system Fiona McCluney concluded.

The interlocutors jointly assessed that Montenegro is a good example of cooperation between the Government and the UN system in all fields and expressed satisfaction with the support programs, with the willingness to continue and intensify.