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Border crossing Božaj/ Hani i Hotit is officially open

Border crossing Božaj/ Hani i Hotit is officially open
Published date 03.08.2018 16:00 | Author PR Service

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The completion of the reconstruction of the border crossing Božaj/ Hani i Hotit was officially marked today. This is a strategic project of cross-border cooperation for which the European Union has provided one million euros with the aim of solving the problem of traffic jams and increasing safety.

Speaking at the opening of the reconstructed border crossing, Minister of the Interior of Montenegro Melvudin Nuhodžić pointed out that this is a strategic project, which includes the reconstruction of the border crossing Božaj and the construction of the new joint border crossing Zatrijebačka Cijevna-Grabon.

"This project significantly influences the further strengthening of ties with our first neighbours, the Republic of Albania, but at the same time it contributes to our aspiration, which we successfully implement through our European integration at the national and regional level, which aims to harmonise the conditions of our countries with legal framework of the European Union and the Schengen standard," Nuhodžić said.

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Albania Fatmir Xhafaj expressed his belief that this project will improve the infrastructure connectivity of the two countries, and significantly contribute to raising the quality of services for citizens, speeding up procedures and facilitating travel of citizens of both countries and tourists as well.

"Our goal is to achieve the most advanced standards at this border crossing, which will be compatible with EU standards," Minister Xhafaj said, adding that the reconstruction project will enable better management of border crossings and more efficient control of both passengers and goods exchange between Montenegro and Albania.

The opening ceremony was attended by Heads of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro and Albania, Ambassadors Aivo Orav and Romana Vlahutin, who emphasised the importance of the project in order to better connect the countries of the region.

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