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Response: Montenegro has demonstrated its attitude towards victims when it was most needed

Published date 06.08.2018 19:00 | Author PR Service

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Montenegrin military envoy in the Republic of Croatia, Colonel Ivan Mašulović, participated in the celebration of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, as well as the Day of Croatian Defenders, within regular activities and at the invitation of the host, in accordance with the usual diplomatic protocol.

He was not in Knin to celebrate any victories or defeats, nor the suffering of any people, as it is malevolently insinuated. This rhetoric and the placement of this innocent civilization act in the context of the crazy war of the 1990s does not fit into this century, the new era in which both Montenegro and Serbia are candidates in the EU negotiating process.

Montenegro has demonstrated its attitude towards the victims when it was most needed. Today, it is committed to a secure European future and is firmly progressing alongside developed democratic countries, free from the burden of the past. Regardless of any expectations, Montenegro does not want to fight other people's battles ever again, it is committed to its development and progress, and building good neighbourly relations with all countries in the region, which is the best way to strengthen regional stability. Such a relationship Montenegro has towards close, friendly Serbia, as well as close and friendly Croatia, NATO ally. This is Montenegro's stance in relation to that event. Everything else is pure insinuations, which usually come from those who, as they did today, tried to mourn the fate of the dead and expelled ones, and to profit politically from their misfortune.