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In line with Government's instructions, competent authorities act upon all Media Commission's recommendations

In line with Government
Published date 11.10.2018 15:26 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro 2018 (11 October 2018) -- At today's session, the Montenegrin Cabinet reviewed the new Report by the Media Commission tasked with monitoring investigations into cases of violence against journalists for the period from 23 January to 23 May 2018, as well as the Report on the implementation of the Commission's recommendations.

The Government expressed its firm commitment to continuously promoting and enhancing the environment in which journalists and the media outlets will be able to work in a professional manner without fear for their safety.

It was noted that, in line with the instructions of the Government, the competent authorities acted upon all the Media Commission's recommendations. The Police Authority, Prosecutor's Office and the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data had submitted the requested information to the Government regarding the actions of the competent authorities and officials in cases of violence against journalists and media property. In that regard, the Government tasked inter-ministerial teams for clarifying attacks on journalists and serious crimes to intensify their activities and to act in a timely and effective manner in order to detect and sanction perpetrators of these attacks.

Respecting the Commission's recommendation, the newly-appointed Head of the Police, after having spoken with the President of the Commission, provides information without denying access to personal data, as it is the case with other competent authorities, with the obligation of the Commission to act with personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The Chief Police Inspector is tasked to establish, when necessary, daily communication with representatives of media outlets regarding specific cases related to them. The Commission also can invite the inspector working on a case to attend a session of the Commission in order to provide further information on the status and progress of the particular case.

Remuneration for the work of the members of the Commission have been provided earlier at the request of the Commission and upon the Government's instructions, and the practice of regular publication of the Commission's reports on the website of the Ministry of the Interior is established.