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Press release from 93rd Cabinet session

Press release from 93rd Cabinet session
Published date 11.10.2018 20:06 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (11 October 2018) -- At today's session, the Government of Montenegro adopted the Report on the implementation of the Public Administration Optimisation Plan 2018-2020 for the period from 1 July to 1 September 2018. The discussion stated that the high-quality coordination process has already resulted in the establishment of a downward trend in employment - a total decrease in the number of employees was 339, with 96 at the central level and 243 at the local level. Expressing satisfaction with the results achieved, the Government expressed its determination to continue with the planned activities regarding the achievement the public administration reform goals, as one of its key programme priorities and prerequisites for overall socio-economic development.

The Government got acquainted with the Report on the work of the Media Commission tasked with monitoring investigations into cases of violence against journalists for the period from 23 January to 23 May 2018.

It was stated that the Government is firmly committed to continuously promoting and enhancing the environment in which journalists and the media outlets will be able to work in a professional manner without fear for their safety, and that, in line with the instructions of the Government, the competent authorities acted upon all the Media Commission's recommendations.

Today’s session also passed the Revised Forestry Development Strategy 2014-2023. The revision has been initiated in order to harmonise the existing strategy with the adopted concept of reorganisation of the concession system of forests use for the following period. The key objective of the document is to improve the existing state of all forests so that the protective, ecological, social and economic functions of forests are balanced, and sustainability ensured.

The Government passed the Information on the implementation of the project MNE6005 "Improvement of CT Diagnostics for Children in Montenegro" through cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The project is related to the purchase of a state-of-the-art CT devices for the needs of the Institute for Child Health of the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, worth EUR 700,000, of which the IAEA will provide EUR 500,000.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development informed the Government about the possible impact of the construction of a mini hydro power plant and others that are planned on the cross-border watercourse Montenegro - Albania - Cijevna River. The Government was informed that the line ministries have already initiated procedures in order to provide complete information on the basis of which the potential impact of the planned facilities for Montenegro should be assessed.