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PM Marković sums up 2018: Government achieves good results in foreign policy, impressive in economy

PM Marković sums up 2018: Government achieves good results in foreign policy, impressive in economy
Published date 21.12.2018 16:37 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (21 December 2018) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković stated in his traditional address at the end of the year that 2018 has been successful in both domestic  and foreign policy terms, that Montenegro has confirmed itself as a credible member of NATO and that it has maintained the dynamics of negotiations with the EU. He pointed out that he considers economic results the greatest success.

"This was a year of strong international affirmation of Montenegro, dynamic economic development, stabilisation of political and overall social circumstances. As a new full member of NATO, this year we have confirmed the ability to take responsibility with our partners and contribute to the values ​​of the Alliance - peace and stability. As a reliable neighbour, we have transferred our experiences to countries that are in the process of Euro-Atlantic and European integration, helping them overcome the most complex challenges. We have done all this through promoting dialogue and patience as the key guidelines of the overall progress of our region," said the Prime Minister at the traditional New Year's reception, which he hosted for high representatives of the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, figures from political, economic, cultural and public life and diplomatic corps.

We have maintained dynamics of negotiations with the EU

The Prime Minister pointed out that in the past year Montenegro has maintained dynamics in the negotiation process with the European Union.

"We have understood the encouraging messages from Brussels, especially those sent  from the EU-Western Balkans Summit on the European perspective of candidate countries but the entire region as well," Prime Minister Duško Marković noted.

He said that Montenegro wants to be in the European Union, which will be shaped by its citizens, adding that the struggle for European values ​​is a primary and most important task.

"This includes Montenegro of democratic values, a functional political system and the rule of law," PM Marković.

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Economic success - impressive, we will continue at the same pace

The Prime Minister considers economy Montenegro's greatest success in the previous year.

"In terms of achieving economic policy, the Government has make impressive results. The balance of our public finances is much better - two hundred million revenue more than in 2017, halved deficit, significantly more money for education, health, science and agriculture. The tourist season exceeded last year's record, with more than a billion euros of revenue. And just two hours ago, we learned that our economic activity in the third quarter increased by 5%, which is the third highest rate of economic growth in Europe. Montenegro is today a large construction site with 138 million euros more foreign investment than in the previous year," the Prime Minister said at the New Year's reception.

This pace of development, the Prime Minister stressed, will be quite surely continued in 2019.

"And because of this, at the end of the next year, and certainly at the beginning of 2020, this will result in the increase of living standards through the growth of personal income, new and better paid jobs, more generous pension fund and more just social benefits," said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Duško Marković said that the Government will continue to create economic growth that based on real economic parametres; growth that is sustainable and long-term; growth that will strengthen the financial and economic stability of the country.

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"Therefore, at the moment of announcing a better standard of living for our citizens, I would also like to thank them for understanding and patience in these two years of painful and demanding reforms. I express my thanks to our social partners: trade unions and employers' associations - for joint efforts to find the formula for the prosperity of the State and individual citizens. A formula that does not know transitional solutions or the purchase of social peace at the expense of long-term and sustainable development, said Prime Minister Marković.

We have never had so much investments in northern region

The Prime Minister emphasised that he is particularly proud of the results of the policy of balanced regional development.

"We have never had so much investments in the north. We want to stop the internal and external migration of the population from this region, and to transform the vast development resource of the north into the benefit of its citizens and, of course, entire Montenegro," the Prime Minister underscored.

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We could have done more when it come to internal dialogue

PM Marković said that this year has seen a significantly higher level of security of citizens and the State as a whole.

"As to domestic political and social situation, I must say that we could have done more together in terms of strengthening the dialogue and achieving a higher level of social cohesion. A dialogue that does not imply unanimity, a dialogue which is a way of better understanding our differences. It is a value that is embedded in the foundations of today's, modern Montenegro. The Government will therefore do everything to celebrate the year 2019 with overall social dialogue, but not about the State and its identity. We will encourage the dialogue with everyone, even those who challenge this identity. It is time to find answers to divisions from the past," Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković underlined.

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The reception was attended by notable figures from political, cultural and public life, including President of Montenego Milo Đukanović, Speaker of the Parliament Ivan Brajović, former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, President of the Supreme Court Vesna Medenica, Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stanković, Head of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church Metropolitan Mihailo (Dedeić) and Parish of Podgorica of Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral Predrag Sćepanović.