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PM Marković opened new administrative center in Gusinje: Functional facility for better services to citizens

PM Marković opened new administrative center in Gusinje: Functional facility for better services to citizens
Published date 16.01.2019 14:17 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković and the President of the Municipality of Gusinje Anela Čekić opened today a new municipal administrative center of more than 1,000 m² worth more than 1.2 million euros.

"This is truly a nice and functional facility for the accommodation and operation of the local administration, but also for better services to the citizens of the municipality of Gusinje. At the same time, today we talked about everything that we did in 2018, both from the budget of the self-government and the capital budget, and we agreed that there was a lot of work done, but also that the assumptions were made to continue to improve communal, social and other infrastructure in the municipality of Gusinje "- said the prime minister.

He added that the Government increased the capital budget for the municipality of Gusinje in the amount of 1.3 million euros this year, that they significantly increased the revenues of the municipality of Gusinje on several grounds and that implementation of development plans is now on the order.

"Today I leave Gusinje more encouraged than their results and their motivation are seen from Podgorica. So, it's worth talking to people in the field," said the prime minister.

PR ServicePR Service

Personally interested in the success of the program of "economic citizenship"

When asked to comment on the start of the program of acquiring the citizenship of our country for investment, the Prime Minister said that this was a program aimed at securing private capital for the development and valorization of resources, strengthening our economy and improving standards.

"You see that the state allocates a significant part of the money for development, but that is not enough and it's not right that only the state provides development with its money. We should provide this development with private capital, and for that reason we promoted the program of economic citizenship for investment purposes. Therefore, anyone who is, according to the rules we have defined, ready to invest in a project approved by the Government in the country, will receive that citizenship, and projects will be developed, new jobs will open, wages will increase, we will reduce unemployment and of course live better. That is the goal of this program. I am personally interested in the program being implemented in such a way and with that effect. If at some point we estimate that there is no such effect, we will suspend the program. The goal is development, new jobs and higher quality of life of citizens. Anyone who is interested, even our people in the diaspora who do not have our citizenship, if they are ready to invest in a project in the country, will have the opportunity like everyone else, "said Prime Minister Duško Marković.

About Atlas Bank: No one is excluded, laws apply to all

When asked to comment on the Atlas Bank case, Prime Minister Marković said that the case was not subject to the Government jurisdiction but to the Prosecution and other state authorities.

"The government is not responsible for this procedure. As you have seen, the Supreme State Prosecutor reacted, the Special Prosecutor's Office is carrying out certain actions, as I understood, related to both Mr. Duško Knežević and Mr. Slavoljub Stijepović, and I believe that the Prosecution will independently, impartially and without influence bring the case to an end. The government and I personally are monitoring the entire Atlas Bank and Investment Bank problem, from the aspect of the stability of public finances and economy. We will do everything that problems in these banks do not jeopardize our public finances, our financial system and our economy. I see that state authorities respond in a timely manner, from the Central Bank through the Deposit Guarantee Fund, we see that the banking system is stable and functioning, that there is no outflow of deposits, but that they are increasing. Investors and their interest are still very much present. So let the independent institutions and authorities do their job. They should give an answer to who will be responsible. No one is excluded in Montenegro, the law is equal for all "- said the Prime Minister.
He added that it is important for him that deposits of citizens are safe and that the investors' interest in investing in our country does not decrease.