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PM Marković opens ministerial meeting on transition of WB countries to clean energy: We are achieving goals, no giving up on ecological Montenegro

PM Marković opens ministerial meeting on transition of WB countries to clean energy: We are achieving goals, no giving up on ecological Montenegro
Published date 21.02.2019 16:16 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (21 February 2019) -- Prime Minister Duško Marković said today in Podgorica while opening the Ministerial meeting on the transition of the Western Balkan countries to clean energy, that our energy fully shares the basic characteristics of a single European energy, that Montenegro will even exceed the ambitious plan for the share of renewable energy sources, and that there is no giving up on ecological Montenegro.

"The issue of economic development is inseparable from the development of energy, and energy, as a strategic branch, implies a well-thought-out and long-term plan. Fortunately, the countries of the Western Balkans have a global leader as their partner in this crucial business. For decades, the European Union has set standards for sustainable development and clean, climate-neutral energy. In that sense, your today's job, the honourable ministers, is essentially facilitated. The unequivocal commitment of the countries of the region to European integration is an important determinant of long-term national energy policies and strategies. Montenegro does not have doubts here. Although extremely small, our energy system shares the basic characteristics of a unique European energy. Import dependence, the challenges of environmental protection, improving energy efficiency, energy receptivity and energy for our citizens and the economy, are the issues that this and every other responsible government in the European Union tackle, "the Prime Minister said.

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Minister Duško Marković said that Montenegro's path is clear, adding that one of the largest solar power plants in Europe will be built in our country.

"Montenegro is already certain to reach and exceed the ambitious national goal for the share of renewable energy in final consumption by 2020. We pay a high price for this, but we remain confident that the validity of this bold commitment will be confirmed in the medium term. Initial failures should not lead us to a dilemma whether to give up on the essentially noble idea. We will not give up on ecological Montenegro. But this also implies correction of omissions and permanent improvement of applied models," the Prime Minister stressed.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro said that it is no coincidence that the roots of regional cooperation and modern Europe dates back to coal and steel.

"Not even in 1951, energy and industry issues were not discussed in isolated national frameworks. And today, in the light of the clear need for decarbonisation and energy transition, the technical need for integration of the continent is greater than ever. The countries of the Western Balkans, when they were not there at the time of full expansion of coal as a fuel, should not miss the opportunity to be part of a society that will leave it first," the Prime Minister concluded.

European Commission for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn also spoke at the opening of the conference.

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