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Press release from 113th Cabinet session

Press release from 113th Cabinet session
Published date 14.03.2019 20:40 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (14 March 2019) -- At today's session, the Montenegrin Cabinet passed the Regulation on the criteria and procedure for determining the annual number of temporary residence and work permits for foreigners in 2019 and the Decision Amending the Decision on determining the annual number of temporary residence and work permits for foreigners in 2019.

Criteria and procedure for determining the annual number of temporary residence and work permits for foreigners are determined by the Regulation on the basis of: relation between supply and demand in the labour market; opportunities to satisfy demand in the labour market, employment of the Montenegrin citizens; employment of foreigners in Montenegro in the previous period; the utilisation of the annual quota in the previous year; and employers' needs for employment in the year for which the quota is determined. The regulation stipulates that a number of temporary residence and work permits for foreigners are allocated from the annual quota, which the competent ministry can additionally allocate for individual purposes, in accordance with the needs of the labour market, and at the request of the Employment Bureau. The regulation provides for the quota of 15,454 foreign nationals who can temporarily stay and be temporarily hired in Montenegro in 2019.

The discussion concluded that a large number of illegally hired workers have been spotted on large construction sites, that the State is losing significant revenues, and that this issue will take central stage in the work of the Commission for the fight against grey economy, as well as inspection services and law enforcement agencies in the coming period.
The Government approved the Report on the implementation of tax policy in 2018, which states, inter alia, that state revenues in 2018 increased by 8.9% compared to 2017, and that the total revenues increased by 8,2 compared to the previous year. The discussion pointed out that last year revenues increased by 187 million euros, while the annual installment for the construction of the Motorway amounted to EUR 186 million, which means that one installment was paid by the increased tax revenue. It was concluded that revenues are being generated in a satisfactory way and that continuous growth has been recorded, and that fiscal and macroeconomic stability, as undoubtedly the greatest success of the 41st Cabinet of Montenegro, gives the opportunity for further growth and creation of new value. It was pointed out that in the coming period, growth should be maintained, at the same time handling the expenditure side of the budget in a more responsible way.

Today's session also passed the Decision on Amending the Decision on the checklist for exporting and importing  goods, which has been technically harmonised with the relevant acts of the European Union, which is Montenegro obligation under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.

The Government approved the Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for 2018 for the implementation of the Strategy for Informing the Public about Montenegro's Accession to the European Union 2014-2018, which reads that 86.48% of the activities were focused on timely and accurate informing citizens about the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union. The activities carried out positively influenced the citizens, which is confirmed by the latest public opinion poll, commissioned by the EU, showing that the level of citizen's awareness, to a varying extent, exceeds 8%, that the support of citizens for the process of Montenegro's accession to the Union continues to be stable and stands at 65.9%, while 67.4% of the citizens of Montenegro have a positive attitude towards the EU.

"This level of trust in the European Union shows that the citizens of Montenegro see the EU as their choice and recognise the values ​​they aspire to. In addition to the rise of nationalism and the trend of strengthening national states that directly threaten the EU, we have significant civilian potential in Montenegro that should encourage us to work even more directly, stronger and more contently on issues of european integration," Prime Minister Duško Marković stressed.

The Government passed the Regulation on the allocation of funds for encouraging direct investments and improving the competitiveness of the economy and approved the Programme for the improvement of the competitiveness of the economy for 2019. Considering that the existing Regulation concerned exclusively direct investment support programmes, and in practice, the need for constant stimulation and strengthening of the sector of small, medium and large enterprises was identified, which is recognised in several strategic documents as one of the key pillars of accelerated economic development, for which it is necessary to improve their competitive ability, and thus the competitiveness of the economy as a whole, the new Regulation was developed.

The Programme for improving the competitiveness of the economy, for which realisation 1,640,000 euros has been allocated, prescribes that all previous programmes intended for the development of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises are consolidated into a unified programme, which will consist of 10 programme lines.

The Government approved the Information on determining the weighted average retail price of cigarettes for 2019. In order to ensure the stability of the cigarette market, as well as to preserve budget revenues on this basis, it is proposed to maintain the average weighted retail price of cigarettes from 2018 and 2019 (EUR 2.10 per pack). In that context, it was concluded that it is necessary to begin to amend the legal provisions regulating this issue in order to create conditions for the proposal to be implemented.

The Cabinet approved the Information on increasing the share capital of Montenegro in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) through general and selective capital increase and approved the proposal for capital increase, as well as the Indicative plan for subscription and payment of shares.

The Government approved the Information on granting the Concession Agreement between the Government of Montenegro and the Consortium Adriatic Marinas d.o.o. и B.V. Holding Maatschappij Damen to the Montenegro Airlines Yacht Services Ltd. Tivat and accepted the Agreement on the Transfer of the Agreement. Given that by law, the concession activity can only be performed by a company registered in Montenegro, the agreement envisages the establishment of a company owned by a Dutch company, whose shareholders will be Damen (or related parties) (50%)  and Adriatic Marinas (or related parties) (50%) to which the Consortium's concessions will be transferred. The newly established company "Montenegro Yacht Services" Ltd. Tivat (Consortium) will offer comprehensive maintenance, repair and conversion services for yachts and super yachts for different market segments. The common strategic goal underlying this project is to create a new sustainable and profitable activity with a potential for the future, within a clean and sustainable industry.

According to the Agreement, the Concessionaire is obliged to adapt, reconstruct, build, equip and exploit the shipyard in the Concession area for a period of 30 years, and the total planned amount for the investment in the first three years is 20 million euros. At the beginning, the company plans to provide employment for 35 persons, and for 300 to 400 persons after the first 5 years.

The Government adopted the Information on monitoring the implementation of the Land Lease Agreement for the construction of a solar power plant at the Briska Gora  - the Municipality of Ulcinj, and established a working team for monitoring the implementation of the agreement signed on 28 December 2018 with Fortum Consortium and Electric Power Industry of Montenegro AD Nikšić. The working team is in charge of faster implementation of all the bases of the Agreement, as well as the up-to-date delivery of data from both sides in order to effectively implement this important project for the energy and overall economic development of Montenegro.

The Cabinet approved the Rules on Communications, which for the first time in detail describes the communication procedures of the Government and ministries with the aim of further professionalising communication within and outside the system, so that the citizens are timely and accurately informed about the Government's activities, and the media promptly receive the information requested by respecting the public's right to be detailed informed.

The Prime Minister informed the Government about his recent meeting with representatives of families of the Montenegrin citizens who were abducted on 27 February 1993 from train No. 671 in Štrpci.

The Government tasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to initiate, through diplomatic channels, concrete activities aimed at searching for and finding the remains of the passengers and to engage in diplomatic and consular missions in the process of monitoring court proceedings before the competent authorities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to show the interest to enable family members of victims to monitor the court processes and to regularly inform the Office of the Prime Minister about the activities and results.

The Missing Persons Commission was tasked to inform the Government, within 15 days, of the activities it has undertaken so far.

The Ministry of Justice was tasked to work with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Finance in order to consider within 90 days the possibility of adopting regulations that will regulate the rights of civilian victims whose human rights were violated in armed conflicts in the period 1991- 2001, with an assessment of the financial impact of the regulation.

The Government tasked the General Secretariat of the Government, in cooperation with the Secretary-General of the Parliament of Montenegro, to provide information on the implementation of the Decision of the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro No. 02-2552/10 of 19 October 1993 concerning the establishment of the Research and Documentation Centre, which would deal in more detail with collecting all relevant facts regarding this case.

The Cabinet members welcomed the Prime Minister Marković's initiative and activities regarding this important issue, saying that the humane and responsible political approach that has been shown deserves respect and praise.