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Tender for drafting technical documentation and construction of cable car at locality "Hajla and Štedim" in Rožaje

Published date 15.03.2019 12:25 | Author PR Service

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The Government of Montenegro announced a public tender for drafting the Preliminary Design, the Main Project and the execution of construction works of a six-seat cable car on the principle of "design and build", as well as for the development of the conceptual solution of the ski trails at the locality "Hajla and Štedim" in Rožaje.

The estimated value is EUR 9 million, and the deadlines for the mentioned works are from two to 12 months. The cable car has a capacity of 2,600 skiers per hour, and the length of the wire is about 1,400 m.

Construction of the cable car is just one of the projects that will valorise the potentials of Hajla in Rožaje. Construction of ski trails, base stations, supporting facilities, electricity, transport, utility and other infrastructure is planned, as well as the purchase of equipment and machinery and other requisites for putting the ski centre into operation.

The estimated total value of the investment in the Ski centre Hajla amounts to EUR 16 million.