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Slovenian experience important for implementation of Schengen Action Plan

Slovenian experience important for implementation of Schengen Action Plan
Published date 11.06.2019 11:51 | Author PR Service

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During his working visit to Slovenia, Interior Minister Mevludin Nuhodžić visited the most frequent border crossing, Obrežje, on the border with Croatia. The visit was an opportunity for the Montenegrin delegation to become familiar with the closer procedures that are being conducted within border checks in line with the Schengen standards, given that Slovenia became part of the Schengen area more than a decade ago.

Slovenian colleagues presented the way of work at the border crossing, which is at the same time the external border of the Schengen area, as well as  equipment for the first and second checking lines and the infrastructure solutions prescribed by the EU Schengen Catalog.

Minister Nuhodžić expressed gratitude for the assistance and praised the cooperation with Slovenia during the implementation of the Twinning project "Support to the establishment of the Schengen acquis", within which the Schengen Action Plan, which was adopted by the Government in 2017, had been drafted.

"Montenegro has made progress in terms of Schengen standards related to harmonisation of the legal framework, infrastructure and information and communication systems, and we pay special attention to education and strengthening of the personnel capacities of the Border Police," said Minister Nuhodžć.