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PM Marković at central celebration of Statehood Day: We are proud of our history, grateful to our ancestors but look to future

PM Marković at central celebration of Statehood Day: We are proud of our history, grateful to our ancestors but look to future
Published date 13.07.2019 12:58 | Author PR Service

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Danilovgrad, Montenegro (13 Jul 2019) -- Today's Montenegro does not live in the times that passed long ago, it remembers them, it is proud of its history of freedom and is always grateful to its ancestors who have preserved our freedom and identity throughout centuries, said Prime Minister Duško Marković at the central celebration of the Statehood Day of Montenegro and the Day of the Uprising of the Montenegrin people.

"But today's Montenegro is looking to the future. Under our common roof, there is plenty of room for all those who  consider Montenegro their house: for Montenegrins, Serbs, Albanians, Muslims, Bosniaks and Croats and all others regardless of their nationality," the Prime Minister highlighted.

Prime Minister Marković pointed out that throughout its history, Montenegro has never been more stable, more prosperous and more respected among the world's nations and countries.

"With restored independence, with an equal place in today's leading political and security alliance, with an economy stronger than ever before - Montenegro has risen from the Balkan darkness and has taken a step with the most advanced societies of the 21st century," the Prime Minister of Montenegro underlined.

He emphasised that Montenegro respects every neighbour and their sovereign right to regulate relations in their own countries, and that Montenegro advocates for peaceful resolution of all misunderstandings and conflicts in the Western Balkans, because without stability of the entire region there is neither stability nor progress for any country individually.

"We believe that this goal can be quickly attained through our integration and the integration of the neighbouring countries into the EU. Our region is a spot of global competition for influence, in which everyone uses the mechanisms at its disposal," the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Marković expressed confidence that after resolving their own challenges, the EU member states will use more decisively the strongest leverage of their policy towards the Western Balkans - the enlargement policy. He added that no one can discourage or stop anyone on the path to the EU, and that we will convince both skeptics and opponents that Europe needs such a Montenegro.

The Prime Minister said that we should join efforts in order to gain full membership of Montenegro in the EU, for the benefit of all the citizens of the country, and above all the youngest generations, our children and grandchildren.

"Let this be a common goal, more important than personal vanity and political hatreds; more important than all kinds of our divisions. Let this be the point of future compromise and social cohesion," the Prime Minister underlined.

The Prime Minister spoke about the successes and sufferings of our ancestors in fighting against anti-Fascism, for the sake of the victory of the present-day Europe. He also added that, on the Day of the Uprising against the Occupiers, we must recall the historical facts: not every Montenegrin citizen was on the side of the anti-fascist coalition.

"I recall this unrelenting truth not to open old wounds and revive centuries-old divisions. Let all victims of fratricidal sufferings rest in peace. Today, I recall the painful page of our history so that it never happen again," Prime Minister Marković underscored.

He added that even today there are those who are willing to serve other people's interests, who see the Montenegrin independence as a transitory epoch until returning under someone else's protectorate.

Prime Minister Marković also addressed the issue of church, noting that this it will be resolved democratically, based on the Constitution and law, and not according to someone's will or decree.

"We will not leave this unnecessary burden to the generations to come! Therefore, in today's Montenegro no church will write laws, but will, like everyone else, have to respect the laws passed by the democratically elected government in line with the highest European standards, said PM Marković.

He added that nowadays the greatest sins of Montenegro are that it does not want tutors and guardians, that it has learned to follow the interests of its citizens, that it is determined to defend state identity and national characteristics of Montenegrins within the civil state of all others living with them: "Ultimately, that it has secured inviolability of its borders and lasting peace for its citizens by joining NATO."

The Prime Minister congratulated all the citizens on the Statehood Day and the Day of Uprising against the Fascist Occupiers - both as the dates of the Montenegrin victory.