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Festivals of culture must not be cover for nationalism and Montenegro’s identity denial

Published date 14.08.2019 13:30 | Author PR Service

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In connection with a concert within the program “Trg od cirilice", which was held two nights ago in Herceg Novi, we use the opportunity to turn to the following reaction:
During yesterday, Montenegro’s public witnessed diverse multimedia material from the concert, which was held in Herceg Novi. Therefore, the entire audience was able to see in what way violates the entire set of legal provisions and that in the public event. 

Highlighting the symbols of the other states, the desecration of the Montenegro’s official anthem with, in such circumstances, almost unavoidable political and nationalistic messages are just some of the elements for which the Ministry of Culture will submit an application against the organizers of the concert before the competent authorities. 

We are sure, that there are many better ways to promote the local, regional and wider musical creation during the season – in fact, it is enough to see other festivals on the Montenegro’s coast. In that spirit, at the same time, after the sharp reactions of the Montenegro’s public, we welcome the decision of the Municipality of Budva to depart from the idea of the organization of the Guča trumpet festival in that city. 

But on the 'programs' like the one two nights ago, the Ministry of Culture and the State of Montenegro will not remain silently – on the contrary. From now on, everyone whom the concept of 'manifestation of culture’ is a cover for nationalist messages and violation of the law, will respond in accordance with the regulations of this state. 

Festivals of culture must not be an excuse for the nationalist organization meetings, especially when, as in case of Herceg Novi, they deny Montenegro’s identity. 

We are sorry that Herceg Novi was a host of this program, especially since we recently on the same site could follow up the festival of the completely different type, which in much better light promotes both, the city and Montenegro.