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Business forum is opportunity to improve and enhance collaboration

Business forum is opportunity to improve and enhance collaboration
Published date 11.09.2019 15:30 | Author PR Service

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"Slovenians are our political and economic friends. Our country cherishes openness, without barriers to the flow of goods and has full confidence in Slovenian products and services that are distinguished by their recognisable quality," Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić said today at a Business Forum held in Ljubljana as part of Montenegro Day in Slovenia at the 52nd International Entrepreneurship Fair (MOS) in Celje.

Minister of Economy Dragica Sekulić, President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubović and Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Sonja Šmuc delivered address at the event.

"Slovenian institutions can be relied upon to help the economy to readily welcome a competitive European environment," the Minister noted.

She emphasised the priority branches of development of the Montenegrin economy, especially tourism, agriculture and energy. Speaking of tourism, she cited the world brands operating in our country, such as Hilton, Falkensteiner, Ritz, One and Only.

"We need to work on developing agriculture more intensively in order to meet the growing needs of the tourism industry," the Minister said.

Sekulić believes that the Bar-Boljare motorway will contribute to better connectivity of the Port of Bar with Serbia, which will, among other things, motivate investors to build industrial capacities in our country.

She estimated that the Entrepreneurship Fair in Celje would contribute to stimulate investments from Slovenia to Montenegro and vice versa.

"Our companies have grown enough that they can be competitive in Slovenia," the Minister concluded.

President of the Chamber of Economy Vlastimir Golubović said the business forum would help boost economic cooperation between the two countries. He pointed to Slovenia as an active promoter of the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans and expressed his gratitude because Slovenia values Montenegro's contribution to regional stability and cooperation.

Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Sonja Šmuc stressed the very good results achieved by Slovenian economy in recent years, including growth of four percent in 2018 (three percent is projection for 2019), indebtedness below the EU average, while the economy achieved more than EUR 100 billion in revenue. The purchasing power of the population is at 83% of the EU average, with employment now at record highs.