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Simović, Talakvadze: Montenegro motivates Georgia to pursue strategic goals, such as NATO membership

Simović, Talakvadze: Montenegro motivates Georgia to pursue strategic goals, such as NATO membership
Published date 09.10.2019 16:38 | Author PR Service

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Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System Milutin Simović met today with Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Archil Talakvadze, who is paying an official visit to Montenegro.

On behalf of the Government of Montenegro, DPM Simović thanked Speaker Talakvadze for accepting an invitation to visit Montenegro within a relatively short time after assuming the office of the Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia. "This is a clear signal of the intention of the Georgian Parliament, and we believe of the Government and the State of Georgia, that they want to build relations with Montenegro," Simović said.

The two officials stated that relations between Montenegro and Georgia are friendly and good, with the potential for further improvement in all segments. DPM Simović said that he wanted to focus attention on the possibilities of developing economic and trade relations. "In this regard, the effective functioning of parliaments in the ratification process and in the fulfillment of the procedures for entry into force of agreements signed by governments, for the benefit of states and their citizens, is particularly important," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Simović expressed belief that the Consulate of Georgia in Montenegro, which will be open today in Bar, will be an incentive to further deepen bilateral cooperation between the two countries, especially economic relations, through concrete projects and joint activities.

The Deputy Prime Minister presented the results achieved by Montenegro. DPM Simović stressed that Montenegro and Georgia share a lot of similarities, and above all they face similar challenges in the fight for the right to decide independently what is good for their states and citizens and what values and policies they want to cherish. "We want to see our future within the framework of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, as part of developed, modern, democratic and economically strong societies," Simović said and noted that Georgia would have a friend and partner in Montenegro, which as a NATO member state supports open door policy.

Talakvadze emphasised that the visit of the Georgian Parliament delegation is aimed at strengthening the friendship between the two countries.

Georgia and Montenegro share the same values and aspirations, Talakvadze said, adding that Montenegro motivates Georgia to pursue strategic goals such as NATO membership.

Talakvadze congratulated Montenegro on the results achieved through the processes of European and Euro-Atlantic integration and the creation of a democratic, politically and economically stable state.