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Press release from 142nd Cabinet session

Press release from 142nd Cabinet session
Published date 07.11.2019 20:04 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (7 November 2019) -- At its 142nd session, the Montenegrin Cabinet adopted the Information on the current situation caused by heavy rainfall and concluded that the system was functioning at full capacity, in a synchronised manner and in line with procedures.

The Cabinet also passed the Draft Law amending the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. The amendments relate to the harmonisation with the Regulation on Organisation and Methodology of the State Administration, which ceased to exist as a governing body of the Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, and its powers were entrusted to the Police Authority - Sector for Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. The enforcement of the law will create the legal basis for the implementation of the EGMONT standards. The new organisational unit is operationally independent of state and state administration bodies in the area of its work, application of powers, as well as the protection of data and information related to this area, in order to fully meet international standards in the field of data and information exchange in the field of prevention money laundering and financing of terorrism.

With a view to further harmonisation in the field of prevention and control of industrial pollution with the legislation of the European Union, the Government adopted the Regulation on the types of activities and facilities for which an integrated permit is issued. In addition to the transposition of the EU acquis, the application of the solutions defined in this document also enables the identification of installations subject to the obligation to obtain an integrated work permit in order to achieve a high level of environmental protection (emissions into air, water and land, waste generation, use of raw materials, energy efficiency, noise, accident prevention and site remediation after closure).

The Government accepted Annex No. 1 to the Contract on the Obligation to Provide Services for the Carriage of Passengers of Public Interest (No. 07-302 of 7 February 2019) and authorised Acting Director of the Railway Administration of Montenegro Miroslav Kukavičić to sign the Annex.

The Government adopted the Decision on the categorisation of state roads, which are categorised into several regional roads.

Therefore, the Bar-Virpazar road through Sutorman becomes a regional one, creating an alternative road to Bar and opening up a new area of abundant natural resources that can be valorised through numerous multifunctional projects - tourism, agritourism and others.

By adopting the Decision, the Government responded to the expectations of the citizens and the local government of Bar. It also encourages the commitment of the Bar local government to participate directly in the preparation of project documentation in order to reconstruct this road.

The discussion stated that we have witnessed for decades that the state of road infrastructure in Montenegro has lagged far behind not only European standards but also the countries of the region, and that the Government is therefore investing efforts and investing significant funds in the construction and reconstruction of the overall transport infrastructure.

By the same token, it was pointed out that this year investments in infrastructure projects have been increased through the largest amount from the Capital Budget since the restoration of independence – EUR 320 million, that in the last two years more than EUR 90 million have been invested in main and regional roads, and that this year EUR 32.4 million has already been spent on construction, reconstruction and maintenance of main and regional roads, addressing bottlenecks and repairing bridges, landslides and slopes.

With more than EUR 180 million planned this year to build a motorway that will link northern and central region and the coastal area in a quality and lasting way, it is clear that in the history of Montenegro, it has never been invested in roads as it has done in the past few years, today’s session emphasised.

It was pointed out that newly constructed or reconstructed roads, as well as roads that will be built in the following period, such as the Podvada – Petnjica road, Vladimir - Ostros - Virpazar - Rijeka Crnojevića - Donji Ulići road, Cetinje - Ivanova Korita road, Međuvišje – Krstac road, Međuvišje- Lovćen road, Vrela – Njegovuđa road, Cijevna Zatrijebačka – Dinoša road and Kamenički Most – Virpazar road, represent a new value for both citizens of Montenegro and tourists, and that improving the accessibility of all areas of our country is one of the preconditions for a higher quality of life of citizens as a fundamental policy of the Government.

Starting from the financial framework established by the Law on the Budget of Montenegro for 2019, the Government adopted the Information on long-term borrowing, in order to secure part of the missing funds for financing the budget for 2019 and accepted the Agreement on long-term loan between Podgoricka banka AD Podgorica and the Government of Montenegro - Ministry of Finance, amounting to EUR 47 million.

The Cabinet adopted the Information on the current status of the compliance of the Draft Labour Law with the relevant EU directives. In reviewing the Information, it was noted that the Labour Law is in the final stage of drafting and that a high level of agreement has been reached in the process of social dialogue. With regard to the harmonisation of the Draft with the relevant directives of the European Union, the need to align with the provisions on discrimination, which are partly contained in the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination as a general law governing this field, was emphasised. On this occasion, the Government tasked the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights to propose amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Law, based on comments received from the European Commission.

The Government adopted the Information regarding the request by SUNRAF beach properties d.o.o. Podgorica to bid on the List of Tourism Development Projects. The discussion confirmed the proposal of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism not to accept the application of this project, bearing in mind that in the process of assessing the eligibility it was stated that the facility is at an advanced stage of construction and that the purpose of the Decision is to encourage the development of new projects which are at an initial stage, the realisation of which would be encouraged and secured by the contributions of persons who are eligible for citizenship by admission, on the basis of the implementation of a special investment programme.

The Government accepted the Proposal for the Application for Projects on the List of Development Projects in the Field of Tourism and included the following projects on the List: Construction of the Hotel “Breza”, Kolašin, according to the condo business model; Construction of the Hotel "Kraljičina plaža", Miločer, Budva, according to a mixed business model; and Construction of the Durmitor Hotel and Villas, Žabljak, according to a mixed business model.

Today’s session adopted the Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for improving the business environment (in selected areas). It was noted that, in comparison with the previous period, the level of realisation was increased, and that in the next period it is expected to adopt specific laws and instructions, on which the realisation of a significant part of the planned activities depends. As the deadlines originally set are approaching, key stakeholders were tasked with accelerating the pace of implementation.

Within the personnel issues, Ivan Medojević, lawyer, former prosecutor in the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica, was appointed Acting Director-General of the Directorate for Inspection and Licensing at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. Dragan Vuković was appointed Director General of the Director-General of the Chief State Architect Directorate the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.