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Ministry of Culture: Montenegro exposed to unprecedented disinformation campaign

Published date 13.01.2020 19:08 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (13 January 2020) -- Montenegro is faced with an unprecedented campaign of spreading disinformation, which has culminated in recent weeks, after the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion.

This is a matter of organised and coordinated spreading of false news, inciting to religious and ethnic hatred and violence in Montenegro, by a number of media from the country and the region.

The most drastic examples include false news like the one that a police official has physically attacked the Prime Minister, that Montenegro has hired Kosovo security services, about the plans to raid and confiscate religious buildings, about attacks on state buildings and many others.

Even children are no spared in this disinformation campaign. We recall a brutal example of a violation of children's rights and almost all legal and ethical responsibilities concerning media reporting of June last year, when a news portal reported disinformation that a pupil of Elementary School "Dragiša Ivanović", was exerting violence against pupils of Serbian nationality in that school. Today, we are once again faced with posts on social media, in which children are grossly misused in the campaign involving disinformation and incitement to hatred to which Montenegro is exposed.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture appeals to all media in Montenegro, not to contribute to the dissemination of such disinformation, but to only report, in line with their legal responsibilities and the code of ethics of the journalists of Montenegro, in a truthful manner and to place the facts in the correct context, preventing their misuse.

Also, we ask citizens to critically consider the content of any information before sharing through social media and to refrain from posting and sharing information that may disturb other citizens, provoke religious or ethnic hatred and compromise the security of Montenegro.

Such disinformation could compromise peace and stability, the greatest values of all in Montenegro.