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New measures: Ban on leaving home in working days and at night, on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays all day

New measures: Ban on leaving home in working days and at night, on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays all day
Published date 30.03.2020 21:45 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (30 March 2020 ) -- At today’s session, chaired by President Milutin Simović, the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases adopted several temporary measures to protect the health and lives of citizens and voiced its determination to implement all measures without exception.

The provisional measures, which are valid for fifteen days counting from tonight, after the order enters into force, as published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro, are:

1) ban on leaving the housing facility for citizens, from Monday to Friday, from 7pm to 5am the following day, and Saturday from 1pm to 5am on Monday. Exceptionally, for the duration of this ban, persons who take their pets out for a walk may stay in the public place for up to 60 minutes. This prohibition does not apply to persons who carry out regular tasks and provide services of public interest, and are an indispensable condition of life and work of citizens (health, inspection bodies, police, military, fire services, utilities, media - including persons coming to media shows, agricultural activities on farms, etc.), as evidenced by a certificate issued by the employer; 

2) ban on being outdoor in an open public place, from 5am to 7pm hours for children under the 12 years of age, without the presence of one parent, guardian, adoptive parent, breadwinner or other adult member of the family household, with the obligation to observe the prescribed distance measure from other persons for at least two meters; 

3) prohibition of sports and recreational activities in all public areas; 

4) prohibition of gathering in the facilities of accommodation for persons who are not members of the common family household. 

Failure to comply with the measures is subject to criminal liability, in accordance with Art. 287 and 302 of the Criminal Code of Montenegro.

The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases noted that the orders were not being followed to the requisite extent, and that our country was at a turning point in the pandemic, which will define the further course. Experience and profession tell us that we must further improve the respect for orders and the responsibility of everyone - citizens and institutions. Unfortunately, in such situations, there is no second chance, it was concluded at the session.

There is united view that the decisions taken are responsible and a determination was expressed for the measures to be implemented to the end, in the belief that citizens will understand and respect them.

Unless we are all determined to invest together in health, we will have to invest much more in rehabilitation of the consequences, and unfortunately, there will be losses of human lives, which are impossible to recover, it was concluded at a session of the National Coordination Body.

Due to approaching a tipping point, the decision was made on holding two daily press conferences starting at 09:00 and 17:00, in order to ensure all media, to receive all relevant information, in a timely manner and under the same conditions.