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National Coordination Body: Obligation to wear protective masks ceases

National Coordination Body: Obligation to wear protective masks ceases
Published date 05.06.2020 19:47 | Author PR Service

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The National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases, at today's session, chaired by President Milutin Simović, decided, at the suggestion of the Public Health Institute, to stop applying the measure that required the wearing of protective masks.

Wearing protective masks remains mandatory for both employees and patients in public and private health care facilities; for employees in public and private institutions of social and child protection for the accommodation of children, adults and the elderly and for employees and passengers in public transport vehicles (plane, train, bus, van, taxi).

It was also decided to enable charter traffic with countries where the rate of active coronavirus cases is above 25 per 100,000 inhabitants, provided that the transport includes predetermined groups of passengers and excludes entry and exit of passengers – i.e. passengers must be transported from departure to destination.

It is also possible to transit people and goods through Montenegro without the possibility of entry or exit of passengers in our country.

It was decided that the following measures also cease to be valid:

- The obligation to ensure the regular conduct of work and the provision of services by legal entities, which perform activities of public interest, and are an indispensable condition of life and work of citizens;
- Making stocks of protective equipment and disinfectants owned by wholesalers available to the public health system of Montenegro, with monetary compensation at market prices;
- Enabling pharmacies to deliver medicines and medical means to the home address of citizens whose movement is restricted; and
- Prohibition of home delivery of food and medicines without the consent of the Operational Staff of the National Coordination Body for Communicable Diseases.

All the above decisions are applied from the day of their publication in the Official Gazette of Montenegro - which is expected today.

It has been decided that as of Monday, 8 June 2020, ceases the measure by which one of the parents, guardians, foster parents or adoptive parents, or a single parent of a child not older than 11 years, was provided with paid absence from work, except for employees in certain bodies of special importance.

The session decided that the Public Health Institutes updates and publishes the list of countries with less than 25 active cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants on Friday, from which entry into Montenegro is allowed without obligatory institutional self-isolation.