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PM Lukšić to take part in Rio+20 United Nations conference on sustainable development

Published date 19.06.2012 15:05 | Author PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (19 June 2012) – Prime Minister Igor Lukšić will participate in the Rio+20 United Nations conference on sustainable development, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 20 – 22 June. 

PM Lukšić will deliver a speech at the plenary session and participate in the meetings of the heads of states and governments. The Rio Summit will also be an opportunity for the Prime Minister to hold a series of bilateral meetings with his colleagues from the participating countries.

For the first time since restoring independence, Montenegro takes part in the global gathering on sustainable development, which will be an opportunity for the presentation of the national institutional system of sustainable development and for reinforcing international cooperation in that field.

Montenegrin Finance Minister Milorad Karnić will take part in the round table titled: ““Looking at the way forward in implementing the expected outcomes of the Conference”, as well as in the opening of the meeting entitled “Green economy: Achievements and perspectives in the Adriatic-Ionic region”.

The conference brings together heads of most UN member states, along with participants from governments, private sector, NGOs and international financial institutions.

The Rio+20 conference is aimed at renewing political commitment to sustainable development. The main topics will be: green economy in the context of sustainable development and eradication of poverty, as well as the institutional framework for sustainable development.