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Press conference on arrest of drug lord Darko Šarić

Published date 18.03.2014 10:20 | Author PR Bureau

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Podgorica, Montenegro (18 March 2014) – Montenegro's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Duško Marković will hold today a press conference on the arrest of drug lord Darko Šarić. The conference will take place at Villa “Gorica,” at 12.30.

The press conference will also be attended by Minister of the Interior Raško Konjević, Director of the Police Directorate Slavko Stojanović and Director of the Criminal Police Directorate, Milan Tomić.

Journalists and cameramen can enter the Villa “Gorica” by using their annual accreditation documents, along with ID cards.

Journalists and cameraman who do not posses annual accreditations should seek the issuance of  a daily accreditation card from the Government’s Public Relations Bureau, no later than 12.00.