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Prime Minister Duško Marković to visit motorway construction site on Tuesday

Published date 28.08.2017 18:40 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (28 August 2017) – Prime Minister Duško Marković will visit on Tuesday, 29 August, the construction site of the Bar – Boljare motorway, namely the route of the Smokovac – Uvač - Mateševo section.

Prime Minister Marković will officially mark the breakthrough of the tunnel Klopot and give a press statement due to the fact that one tube was pierced before the deadline.

Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro will provide the media with photos and video recordings of the visit, as well as video recording of the Prime Minister’s statement.


The constructing company CRBC will organise the transfer to the construction site and vice versa for the media, photo reporters and cameraman.

The departure is organised in front of the CRBC Headquarters in Slovačka street at 07.45 am.

Journalists, photographers and cameraman will be transferred to the northern entrance of the Klopot tunnel, where the Prime Minister will start his visit at 09.00 am.

PM Marković will than pass through the tunnel Klopot to reach the southern entrance, where he will mark a solemn ceremony for the breakthrough of the Tunnel.

Having in mind that the passage through the tunnel is possible only for off-road vehicles at this stage, the CRBC Company will provide a transfer to the southern entrance of the Tunnel for a limited number of persons. The PR Service of the Government of Montenegro suggested that the transfer should be organised for the cameraman of the televisions with national coverage and photo reporters of daily press (cameraman from the Television of Montenegro, Vijesti, Pink and Prva and photo reporters of dailies „Pobjeda“, „Vijesti“, „Dnevne novine“ and „Dan“). Public Relations Service of the Government of Montenegro will provide all the media with photos and video recordings.

After the tunnel tour and ceremonial marking of the tunnel breakthrough, Prime Minister Marković will visit the construction site of the bridge “Moračica” (09.50 am), while the journalists will be waiting there as the CRBC will organise a transfer for them. 

Journalists, photo reporters and cameraman will be transferred to the Headquarters of the CRBC in Slovačka street after the end of the visit. 

After the visit to the construction site, Prime Minister Marković will meet with the leadership of the CRBC and the leading engineers. The press release will be published after the meeting, as it will not be opened for the media. The Government’s PR Service will provide the media with the photographs and video recordings from the meeting. 

The media willing to report from the visit scheduled for tomorrow should submit the data of the journalists, photographers and cameraman to the Government’s PR Service. In order to provide the logistics, these data must be sent today (Monday, 28 August) by 20.00 pm on the e-mail


Priority section route Smokavac – Uvač – Mateševo of the Bar – Boljare motorway is divided on four sections with a total number of 19 sub – sections.

So far, 17 building permits has been issued for 17 sub – sections and 5 building permits for 5 landfills of excess material from excavation.

According to the latest data, more than 2 500 workers are engaged in the construction of the motorway.

Basic information about the tunnel Klopot: three lanes, length - 985 meters (left tube), 804 meters (right tube).

Basic information about the tunnel Jabučki Krš: The key object on the section 4. Length: 1 360 meters (D) / 1 455 (L).