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PM of Hungary, Viktor Orbán to pay official visit to Montenegro on Monday and Tuesday

Published date 22.07.2018 20:20 | Author PR Service

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At the invitation of Prime Minister Duško Marković, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán arrives in Montenegro on an official visit to Montenegro on Monday afternoon.

After a solemn celebration with the highest state honors, the Presidents of the Governments will talk in person.

The official talks of Prime Minister Marković and Orbán are scheduled for Tuesday morning.

They will answer the questions of journalists in Villa "Gorica" on Tuesday at 10:30. The Prime Ministers of the Montenegrin and Hungarian Governments will make a public statement and answer questions at Villa "Gorica" on Tuesday at 10:30.

The Montenegrin Government's Public Relations Service provides the media with photos and video footage of all events.

Journalists, photo reporters and video camcorders enter the "Gorica" villa using the annual accreditation card of the Government of Montenegro for 2018, which is valid with a personal identification document. Journalists and cameramen who do not have annual accreditation should timely request from the Public Relations Service to issue daily accreditation. An application signed by an authorised person and a certified seal must be sent by email to