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PM Marković to attend ceremony marking 100th anniversary of Christmas uprising

Published date 05.01.2019 12:18 | Author PR Service

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Prime Minister Duško Marković will attend the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Uprising on 6 January, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.

Prime Minister Marković, Defence Minister Predrag Bošković and Mayor of the Old Royal Capitl of Cetinje Aleksandra Kašćelan Kašćelan, will speak at the ceremony, taking place at the monument to participants and victims of the Christmas Uprising in Bajice and at the Zetski dom.

The Christmas Uprising of the Montenegrin people sparked off under the command of Krsto Zrnov Popović on 6 January 1919, according to the new, or on 24 December 1918, according to the old calendar. The aim was to annual the illegal and illegitimate decisions of the so-called Podgorica Assembly of 26 November 1918 on merging Montenegro with Serbia, and to liberate Montenegro from the actual military occupation of the Serbian army, to defend and affirm Montenegro's state independence, and to make Montenegro join the Yugoslav Confederation, as a full-fledged state and legal entity.