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Second regional Cyber Security Conference

Published date 16.05.2019 10:48 | Author PR Service

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Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović will open the Second regional Cyber Security Conference on 17 May 2019 at the CentreVille Hotel & Experiences. The conference in co-organization by Vision Event and NGO Secure, patronized by Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro starts at 10:00.

Dragan Pejanović, State Secretary and National Coordinator for NATO and Ambassador of Israel, Alona Fisher-Kamm will speak in the introductory part.

The objective of Cyber Security Conference is to provide insight into setting up, maintaining and improving information security, protection against hybrid threats at the national level, protection of the critical infrastructure in companies and institutions, through information and education on ways to prevent, detect, defense, as well as alleviating the consequences of cyberattacks.

The main theme of the conference is "Strengthening of national cyber security in the context of countering hybrid threats based on established standards of NATO and EU on a global level."

Cyber Security Conference will host around 150 participants from Montenegro, the region and Europe. Participants of the conference are directors and managers of institutions and organizations, including ICT departments, people in charge for cyber security in corporations, the Government and its institutions; ministries, international organizations, missions, embassies, financial institutions (banks, insurance companies) telecommunications, auditing and IT companies, as well as other participants whose business requires data security.