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Press conference following Cabinet session: Foreign affairs, higher education, law on business enterprises

Press conference following Cabinet session: Foreign affairs, higher education, law on business enterprises
Published date 06.07.2017 16:34 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (6 July 2017) -- At today's meeting, the Montenegrin Cabinet passed the Draft Law on Foreign Affairs. Minister of Foreign Affairs Srđan Darmanović told the press conference following the Cabinet session that the key goal of the proposed legal solution is to ensure the professionalisation of the foreign affairs service from management level to the persons who will first establish a working relationship in the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"Due to the numerous international obligations we are facing, since we are no longer an integration country but an equal member of NATO that will have to fulfil its obligations, to declare itself on various issues, to take up its positions, the Montenegrin diplomacy requires further development In order to adequately respond to these challenges and tasks," said Darmanović.

Minister of Culture Janko Ljumović stated that the Cabinet passed the Regulation on closer criteria, manner and procedure for exercising the right to return part of the funds spent on the production of a cinematographic work.

Expressing the conviction that these stimulating measures will lead to the presence of a large number of foreign film producers who will be filming at locations in Montenegro, Minister Ljumović stressed that, based on the experiences of the countries of the region and beyond, where similar measures have been applied for decades, these provisions contribute to increasing employment In the cinematographic sector, better promotion of tourism potentials and influence the development of the so-called film tourism.

Director General of the Directorate for Higher Education Mubera Kurpejović presented details regarding the decisions made by the Government at today's session referring to the number of students enrolling at the University of Montenegro for the 2017/2018 study year.

Pointing out that the most important of the three decisions refers to the number of students that will enrol in the first year of the University of Montenegro, financed from the budget, Ms Kurpejović emphasised that the total number of new freshmen corresponds to the total last year's number of budget and self-financing students who enrolled in the University of Montenegro. This number envisions 3556 vacancies. For fellow students at the Faculty for the Montenegrin Language and Literature, there are 40 places.

For postgraduate and specialist studies, 2349 places are envisaged. As in previous years, specialist studies will be budgetary and self-financing, Ms Kurpejovic underscored, adding that new, reformed master studies are expected from 2020/2021.

Director General of the Directorate for Industry and Entrepreneurship Goran Nikolić said that the Cabinet at today's session passed the Draft Law on Business Enterprises.

Mr Nikolić emphasised that this is an improved text of the law, which will enable equal participation of Montenegro’s business entities in a single European market.