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Cabinet approves Old Royal Capital of Cetinje Development Programme for 2018

Cabinet approves Old Royal Capital of Cetinje Development Programme for 2018
Published date 02.11.2017 15:06 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (2 November 2017) -- At today's session, the Cabinet approved the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje Development Programme for 2018, which was passed by the Senate of the Old Royal Capital, chaired by President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović.

Minister of Public Administration Suzana Pribilović told the press following the cabinet session that the establishment of the annual development programme derives as a legal obligation defined by the new Law on the Old Royal Capital. She underlined that the document provides for the respect of the Old Royal Capital in the institutional sense, adequately representing and making the best use of the Montenegrin cultural, historical, spiritual and academic heritage, as well as providing financial resources in the state budget for development activities in the amount of 1% the projected values of the current budget of Montenegro for each fiscal year.

"The adoption of the development programme testifies to the commitment of the Government and the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje to fulfil what is defined by the law. In that regard, the programme is a document that sets out the guidelines for the development of Cetinje in the next year and defines projects that will ensure full valorisation of the Cetinje potentials," Minister Pribilović explained.

Mayor of Cetinje Aleksandar Bogdanović said that in addition to the institutional strengthening of Cetinje, reflected through the return of the status of a diplomatic centre, this development programme also defines financial measures, well as measures to strengthen the development capacity of the Old Royal Capital.

"The annual development programme was unanimously adopted yesterday at the session of the Senate of the Old Royal Capital, and the process of developing the development programme also included consultations with the general public. During the public consultations and consultations with all interested parties, we received over 215 high-quality project proposals, which indicates a significant level of public participation in the entire process," said Mayor Bogdanović.

Mayor Bogdanović added that the annual development programme treated with special care all the issues of development, infrastructure and projects that contribute to the creation of new jobs.

"The programme was proposed to provide about EUR 6 million for projects’ implementation, which indicates the intention of the local government to ensure the overall development and a better life of the citizens of the Old Royal Capital," Mayor Bogdanović concluded.