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Press release from 52nd Cabinet session

Press release from 52nd Cabinet session
Published date 30.11.2017 20:16 | Author PR Service

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Podgorica, Montenegro (30 November 2017) -- In line with the Law on Foreigners, the Cabinet passed at its 52nd session held earlier today the Decision on Determining the Annual Number of Permits for Temporary Stay and Work of Foreigners for 2018. The decision establishes an annual quota of 18,185 licenses, as well as activities and occupations in which foreigners can be employed, or provide contracted services. Out of the total quota, 5,000 licenses have been singled out and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare can additionally allocate them for individual purposes depending on the needs of the labour market, at the request of the Employment Agency. Today’s discussion especially emphasised that when determining the quota of licenses, the Government paid particular attention to the needs of the economy, but also that the focus of all the competent authorities will focus on controlling the consistent fulfilment of all obligations arising from the employment of foreigners.

The Cabinet passed the Draft Law on the Protection of Population from Infectious Diseases aiming to help prevent, combat and eradicate infectious diseases more effectively, carry out epidemiological surveillance and identify subjects for its implementation in line with European standards governing this field. The proposed piece of legislation defines general, special, emergency and other measures for the protection of the population against infectious diseases, as well as the obligations of health institutions, legal entities, competent state authorities, local governments, entrepreneurs, health workers and citizens in taking measures for the prevention and control of infectious diseases. It also prescribes mandatory vaccination of children against certain infectious diseases. Accordingly, it has been established that the parent, adoptive parent or guardian is obliged to provide vaccination against certain infectious diseases to the preschool and school age child, and a fine for a misdemeanour in the amount of 100 to 2000 euros is prescribed. The draft law also stipulates that international obligations regarding the prevention, suppression and eradication of infectious diseases, as well as serious cross-border threats to health, will be carried out in accordance with European Union regulations, World Health Organisation programmes and other international acts. The draft law has been harmonised with the regulations governing food safety as well.

The Cabinet also passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on the Execution of the Decision of the Constitutional Court of Montenegro, No. 6/16 of 19 April 2017 ("Official Gazette of Montenegro" No. 31/17), which provides for the rights of beneficiaries of compensation based on the birth three or more children who for the purpose of using this right ceased to engage in entrepreneurial or agricultural activity, which is why they were deleted from the register of taxpayers and insured persons, and their status was not defined by the Law. Furthermore, the innovated provisions also specify the rights of beneficiaries who, prior to exercising the right to compensation based on the birth of three or more children, were on the register of the Employment Agency and exercised the right to unemployment benefit. The draft law also contains provisions regarding the payment of contributions for pension and insurance by beneficiaries of the right to compensation based on the birth of three or more children.

At today's session, the Cabinet passed the Draft Law Amending the Law on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which, in order to raise the level of general safety in Montenegro, establishes standards for all entities involved in this activity.

The Decision on the Establishment of the Centre for Professional Rehabilitation was adopted at today's session. The initial idea foresees that the centre has several organisational units for medical, social and professional rehabilitation, but in the initial phase of the operation the centre will deal with professional rehabilitation in accordance with the Law on Professional Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities. In the next phase, the activity of the centre will be developed and upgraded through introducing medical and social rehabilitation, whereby persons with disabilities will get all necessary forms of professional assistance and support in one place. Furthermore, the Government agreed to give a part of the premises of this Centre to the Ministry of Health - Clinical Centre of Montenegro for the needs of the National Centre for Autism, which will be operating within the Clinical Centre of Montenegro as a form of tertiary health care.

The Government adopted the information on the loan arrangement of the Capital City of Podgorica amounting to EUR 15,000,000.00 with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Erste Bank AD Podgorica for the construction of the southwest bypass. The investment will be realised in 2018 and 2019, and its total value is EUR 21.726.653,76, of which the Capital City will provide around EUR 17 million and the Government EUR 4.5 million. In accordance with the Law on Budget and Fiscal Responsibility and Law on Local Government Financing, and having in mind the multiple positive impacts that the implementation of this capital project would have on improving the standards and quality of living in the Capital City, the Government gave its consent to the capital's loan arrangement.

With regard to the implementation of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction of Structures, the Government adopted the Decision on the establishment of the Council for the Review of Planned Documents consisting of 36 experts in spatial planning, architecture, construction, geodesy, electrical engineering, agriculture and forestry, as well as representatives of local governments.